Tippy Talaska II

Hero Service Dog

In Loving Memory July 2004- July 2019, Age 15

15th Adoption Anniversary Nov. 1, 2019

Adopted from Hot Springs Animal Services, Nov. 1, 2004











Tippy as Service Dog (link)



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  • 30 lbs, World's First to be called a "WhipEagle" (Whippet-Beagle)

  • Born 7/2004 - Hot Srings, Arkansas, adopted Nov. 1st, 2004 from Hot Springs Animal Services

(City of Hot Springs post on Facebook) (Shelter's Facebook)

  • Tippy as PTSD Service Dog May 2013 to July 2019 (Six Years: He started at age 9 when most other service dogs retire!)

  • Reclaimed to other Life 7/7/2019; rested naturally above ground at Mt. Pisgah Arboretum, Oregon: gps 44.01248, -122.98167

Tippy lived to be 15 Years Old

  • This is my second dog named Tippy. The first one was a family dog when I was around 7 to 13.

  • Tippy II is the first dog who was chosen by me and thus my responsibility.


Tippy has been my most loyal and loving companion for 15 years. He is notable for many reasons such as the last “link” to many loved ones I lost. He traveled coast to coast and he endured the chaos of remodeling my house, running a computer business, developing an RV pad and the custom build of my innovative motorhome.


Humans domesticated dogs from wolves at least 14,000 years ago. Wolves live much shorter lives in the wild. Nature culls out the weak, keeping the species strong. Although Tippy had a very strong will to live, I laid him to rest in a forest for natural recycling into new life because on his last day his prognosis for a quality of life was suddenly poor and even his strong will power wouldn't help him. Nature wants to recycle all of us to allow room for new life as a result from the joys of breeding. Tippy is too special to be ended; I wonder if he has an eternal soul somewhere? We barely understand 5% of the universe as of 2019.

Tippy has had a great overall quality of life and provided me with much enjoyment. Pets are a lot of responsibility to keep them happy and healthy for a long time. I have taken care of dozens throughout my life and learned a lot. I share what I learned along with video links online: www.BioAbout.me, click on the “Education” tab.


Main Reasons Tippy is so Important

  • Last "link" to significant others who passed away: Other family dog Rudy in 2008, Mother in 2009, Father in 2011.

  • Lost fiance

  • High profile traveling service dog from age nine since 2013 (vast service in public places all around the USA & S. Canada).

  • Buddy while I remodeled a house in Murfreesboro, Arkansas from 2004 to 2008 with Tippy

  • Buddy while I became self-educated about healthy, non-toxic living, fasting, detoxing, etc. around 2006

  • Buddy while I Installed an RV with power and water on a Colorado mountain slope in 2011

  • Service dog in class for Entrepreneur training, Spokane, WA and Peninsula College, Port Angeles, WA around 2014

  • Helped me achieve financial security since late 2016 with another boost in early 2019.

  • Buddy while I built innovative Sprinter campervan motorhome three years from Feb. 2016 to Feb. 2019.

  • Tippy was always within just a few feet of everything, having to endure an extreme amount of chaos (movements, noise, changes, etc.). He was a great trooper during those chaotic times!

  • Buddy while I had major dental work: Seven zirconia molars, March, 2018

  • Buddy while I had my first colonoscopy and minor preventative surgery, March, 2019



  • Service dog duties as described on his service dog page

  • Recognized vehicles by make, model, year and color even at night and associated them with someone he knows

  • Performed many tricks: Sit, shake, roll over, jump (in arms), brings a toy and puts in hand, gives hug, gives "10" (boxes), gives kiss on command.

  • When he knew he was going for a ride, he drank water first in anticipation it could be hours before getting water again.

  • Often left just one or a few tiny morsels of food in his bowl for emergency use later on; rarely completely cleaned his bowl.

  • When walking on trails, he pooped on the side of the trail rather than in the middle.


Other Traits (see photos and videos)

  • Did yoga stretches and smiled.

  • Loved to roll and swim in grass.

  • Loved looking and going inside culverts (likely due to wild animals and smell of)

  • Loved to be pinched on the back.

  • Acute hearing. Terrified of fireworks, cannons, lightening, etc.

  • When I talked on the (cell) phone or with others, Tippy would often get jealous and tap on me for attention.

  • Excellent cognition, positive attitude no matter what and impressive will power to get over the toughest illnesses; even on his last day of severe seizures he wanted to keep going, but under the circumstances I put him down.

  • Easily trained due to love for work and pleasing me

  • Super friendly and trusting towards people and other dogs (too trusting with other dogs)

  • Loved meeting the UPS driver and other familiar people

  • Often rejects food after a few weeks, wanting something new; liked to store various special treat food caches (bury).

  • Very low maintenance short coat / almost no shedding

  • When a puppy, Tippy's dew claws hurt me sometimes due to string gripping.

  • His ears would flap back and I had to move them in normal position to avoid wrong ear memory position.


Places Tippy has Lived

  • Hot Springs, Arkansas - birthplace home - Black Family - July - November, 2004

  • Hot Springs, Arkansas - Animal Shelter - November, 2004

  • Murfreesboro, Arkansas - House & Business - November, 2004 to November, 2008; allergies, fleas, heartworm threat, etc.

  • Ashdown, Arkansas - Shared House - November, 2008 - 2009; Here were his best friends until they all passed: Eric's parents who passed in 2009 and 2011 and their Chihuahua, Rudy who was put to rest at age 18 in late 2008.

  • Westminster, Colorado - Shared House - 2010 - Colorado is excellent for dogs.

  • Lafayette, Colorado - Shared House - 2010

  • Berthoud, Colorado - 28' RV - summer and fall of 2011 (Stressful due to utility, etc. construction of the lot)

  • Many hotels in Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming in late 2011 and early 2012

  • Ashdown, Arkansas - House - 2011 to July, 2012

  • Ashdown, Arkansas Neighbor's house - July, 2012

  • Dallas, Texas - Shared House - August, 2012

  • Noel, Missouri - House - Sept, 2012 to Dec., 2012 - Very cold; hard to heat, heat rashes and allergies

  • Little Rock, Arkansas - Apartment - Winter, 2012-2013

  • Prescott, Arizona - Shared House - Summer of 2013

  • Bothel, Washington - Shared Condo - 2013

  • Puyallup, Washington - Extended Stay Hotel - 2013

  • Olympia, Washington - 1 BR Apartment - to Nov. 2013

  • Spokane Valley, Washington - House & Business - Nov. 2013 to late 2014

  • Austin, Texas - Extended Stay hotel - Early 2015 until moved into minivan, then Sprinter van and traveled extensively since.

  • When I started to move from the Honda Odyssey minivan into the Sprinter, Tippy seemed to prefer the much small Odyssey. You can see in all the photos when he was in the Odyssey how happy he was. Perhaps the smaller space was a sense of security. Or it could be that the Odyssey still had the smell of my father who drive it until he passed in 2011.



  • 1999.5 Nissan Pathfinder (gold mid-size SUV)

  • 1996 Honda Accord LX (blue mid-size sedan)

  • 1999 Honda Odyssey (metallic green minivan - father's)

  • 2003 Honda Accord EX (blue mid-size coupe)

  • 2007 Toyota Prius (white hybrid electric hatchback)

  • 2008 Toyota Prius (red hybrid electric hatchback)

  • 2005 Honda Odyssey EX (gold minivan, converted into campervan)

  • 2007 Dodge / Mercedes Sprinter (large cargo van converted into motorhome)


He was quite a trooper, tolerating the building up of the Sprinter van into a motorhome from February, 2016 to December, 2017 as well as constantly moving from boondocking or campground to another across the country. Has since traveled as far Northwest as Whistler, Canada, as far northeast as Bangor, Maine, as far southeast as Key West, Florida and as far southwest as San Diego, California.... pretty much all of southern Canada and the lower 48 US.