Contribute to Eco Neato Environmental Advocacy
We are very cost effective and aren't part of any bureaucracy, so you can rest assured your funds will be used wisely.
We never beg.... here is a place for those who found this page by looking; they where never asked or redirected here. No funds are used for personal use such as RV repair, etc. All funds are used for environmental advocacy only, for example: lobbying, lawsuits (against polluters, governments, etc.), signs, advertising, etc. Please contact us for your specific request and whether you would like receipts of how the funds were used. You may also contact us for volunteer opportunities. Thanks!

EcoNeato is a not for profit organization with verifiable state registration details and full public disclosures formally beginning January, 2018.
Eco Neato
189 Rainbow Dr. #8986
Livingston, TX 77399
You have the option to choose which project your contribution will go towards. After making your donation, contact us with how you want the funds spent.
Environmental History Museum & Interpretation Center
Anti Junkmail
Holocene Mass Extinction Awareness
Environmental Science Research
Natural Health
or Your Own Suggestion (within the scope of environmentalism or natural health)
You can also choose whether your funds will go towards a video or not. If so, your name or company name will appear in the video of a sponsor ($100 minimum donation).
This also applies to all other projects: Donate at least $100 and you will be named as a major sponsor for that project.
After you make your donation, contact us to let us know which project you support.