Mission of Website BioAbout.me
Evolve into a platform where anyone can create their autobiography or a legal biography of othersUsername / custom URL example: BioAbout.me/JimBestNo ads or tracking for  $2 monthly, $20 per year, $800 foreverNo deceptive "odd" pricing; no hidden feesSimplified contract / user agreementMore user control and more appealing than Facebook, Linkedin, etc.Clean interface with no ads, no banners, no animations, no moving slidesNo tracking / no cookiesNo deleting any account or profile even if person is deceased except for required legal reasonsHigh security and backup / recovery system
Accurately document and publicly disclose the most interesting facts of my life.Self reflection of what I did right and wrong (or advantageous and disadvantageous) and what I can do better.Receive constructive feedback from others.Present a qualifications portfolio to those considering offering me a position I desire or for elections.Since I have no children, this content is a better substitute based on my belief system. This content is my virtual lineage, digital children. It is more environmentally responsible than actually having human children who will consume vast amounts of natural resources without replenishing. Even if I had children, they don't necessarily take after me; the genes would be significantly shared with another woman and the grandchildren's genes would be greatly diluted. All my experiences are only retained in writing, not transferable to another offspring. We are all around 99% genetically identical, so why not let others go through the trouble of raising kids.So far there are few interested in my content. I predict in the future, perhaps around 2100 or so, there will be more enlightened super humans and/or computer programs that will scan this content and realize it has significant historical (in the future) meaning. I am communicating my truth to the future perhaps more so than the present relatively primitive humans who make poor choices on which content to spend time on.Maybe in the future there will be a female of my type who will adopt me as her soulmate if I never find one in my lifetime.Family section to honor those worthy, expose truths of those who are and were corrupt.