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Eric Talaska's Quest for the Presidency

and Where the Time Went (see also Portfolio)


When mentioning others in my stories, I protect the privacy by not disclosing personal information unless they are public figures. I focus on explanations of what happened. These stories will be updated; this is a fairly rough draft as of 1/2020. Here is my universal privacy statement and explanation why I divulge online.


When I was in the fourth grade, age 9, I created a large collage poster of President Ronald Reagan. This had an influence on my mindset development.


At around age 16 I was very bored and as a latchkey kid home alone, I read random portions of an encyclopedia book set. I came across the U.S. Army and presidents which interested me the most. I studied this and decided this is what I want to do to use my level-headed, yet unorthodox personality talent. I decided I was going to become a high ranking Army officer first, then president. I had no interest in partying or playing around with my time. I was extremely serious. Immediately upon graduating high school in 1987, I joined the Army.


In 1988 at age 19, my Army Sergeant asked me what I wanted in life. I said I want to be president. I was serious. He called me "Mr. President" many times since then which is interesting due to him being officially on active duty. Other enlisted supervisors harassed and hazed me when they found out about that. The daily hazing was so discouraging and unbearable, I found a way to honorably get out of the Army early. At that time there was very little anyone could do when harassed.


While a new student at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, I campaigned for Governor Bill Clinton to run for President when he gave a speech on campus. I was actually not interested in Clinton, but rather for Al Gore to become vice president and later, president which would have happened if not for the electoral college. Upon his successful win of the presidency in 1992, I explained to my family what I did, but they were soft-spoken republicans who didn't care. I did sense jealousy and animosity from my two older siblings.


In 1995, I changed upon taking a course in physics. I learned we need to do a lot more to protect our environment. Since then I have expressed great interest with others regarding a strong drive for environmentalism, but nobody would listen, even when in 2014 I warned about a sixth mass extinction. At the time of this writing, the problem persists.


In 1996 I moved to the Washington, D.C. area to do patent research and tour the White House, U.S. Capitol, U.S. Supreme Court, etc. which was very nice and open due to being before the 9/11/11 Twin Tower attacks.


In 2003 I was working as a paralegal for a law firm in Texas. I was handsome and all the single ladies were interested in me, but I wasn't interested in them because I considered them skanky and dumb. An obese single woman was particularly fond of me and suggested I apply for The Bachelor show as the most eligible bachelor. Perhaps I should have tried. Upon TV exposure, I would have surely mentioned my desire to run for president which likely would have sparked encouragement.


In 2007 I wore a "Presidential Candidate" name tag I made for my 20th anniversary high school reunion. Nobody said a thing about it. My classmates were still the same: Very stuck-up and mostly republican.


2008 was the first election I was practically eligible to be a candidate of due to being 39. I might have been able to run in 2004, but might not have been able to file until March at which time would be just too late to get noticed. I would have also been constantly harassed due to being "only" 35. With hindsight, I would have gone for it in 2004.


In early 2012 I told my new informal Italian fiancé / girlfriend from the Switzerland I wanted to run for president. She was apolitical and thought I was crazy, so I was extremely discouraged because I highly respected her opinions. She didn't have to get involved with politics, just support my motivation to make the world a better place. She didn't seem to think either of us could make a big difference. I strongly disagreed and still do.


From 2011 to 2015 I invested a lot of time dealing with my parents estate when my father passed in April, 2011. This increasingly became difficult as my brother was the executor and was engaging in hostile and nefarious acts against me. It got so bad that I wrote many court documents to correct his actions. Judge Yeargan, the Little River County judge of Ashdown, Arkansas was corrupt and make it much more difficult. With hindsight, I would have abandoned the estate and focused on my Swiss girlfriend and/or run for president. But... I did sharpen my mind quite a bit by writing, filing and prosecuting documents on my own in probate court without a lawyer for a few years. Those skills are useful for future presidential runs because it's all a bunch of political and legal bullshit. The documents are interesting and alarming and are available for public viewing in the said courthouse.


In 2015 I told my best friend from Germany I wanted to run for president. He also thought I was crazy and ignored the idea completely. I kept mentioning several times I really want to do it and he kept ignoring. That was extremely discouraging. That would have been the perfect time to run for 2020. I wasted too much time chatting with and helping that frenemy online. That was extremely stupid and is a top life-time regret. Ironically, the only person in the world who believed in me was my mother who was also German, so it's not a problem with Europeans, just a random course of events.


Although unlikely, there was a chance I could have beat Hillary Clinton for the democratic nomination, likely due to good looks and niceness of me and my service dog, defeated Trump and implemented a green economy which could have saved the world or at least prevented a lot of suffering and death related to the climate crisis. Instead, we got Trump who rolled back environmental protection. However at that time, I was not classified as a disabled veteran and my dog Tippy was not a service dog, so I didn't have "extremely interesting" profile to grab attention like I do now except Tippy passed in July, 2019. I waited too long to enter the 2020 race with Tippy as my service dog which is a huge regret. It takes time to train a service dog. I don't have one soon enough.


Up until late 2016, I had mostly been worried about how to make money in an ethical manner and how to afford retirement. This has probably been the main interference with going for the presidency even more so than lack of support from friends and family. In December, 2016, I just barely became financially able to focus on what I want to do, so I built an innovative campervan, traveled and meditated a lot. However I was living in the public on the streets in my van, so there were many distractions and frustrations with people.


In 2019 I randomly watched a few democratic debates and realized they are not suitable and I am. I also started to believe my disabilities were assets for such a position at the very top. I decided to take drastic steps forward. I struggled with this quirky website design software to get things put online in an attractive format and almost gave up, but kept trying. Eventually in late December I won the battle with some software glitches and found work-arounds to make the site work good and am happy with it. I looked at other candidate websites and like mine better which is amazing when comparing budgets and staff (myself for free vs. a team of webmasters at $150,000 per year).


Even though I did very poorly in high school, I've realized over the decades that I am among the best of everything I do, academically, in the workplace, etc. if allowed the opportunity and with enough practice at it. As an extreme latchkey Gen-X, I had to learn how to survive and take care of things. I carry over this trait so much, I'm confident I know what to do so we can all survive. It's a tragedy I've been hazed and suppressed and I didn't run for president much earlier, but it's better later than never. I always tried to do right such as avoid drugs, alcohol, maintain a high credit score, do the best I could in college, etc. Many goals have been helped by others, and many hindered by others, particularly by those in charge of me, to include hazing and other nefarious acts.


Between Christmas and New Years Eve, 2019, I spent several days writing my plans and positions on the many issues presidents face. I found it very natural to know what was best and that boosted my confidence this is the right thing for me to do. I noticed I was using a lot of my legal skills (see my portfolio). I realized I had just completed the most difficult task of a president because from there one, all one does is delegate.


In late December, 2019, I received good suggestions from my VA sponsored PTSD counselor regarding how kids should have to take life skills lessons in their last four years of high school. I offered her the position of Department of Education and she said she would accept it.


On January 2nd, I asked for assistance from former professors of the University of Arkansas. One professor newly promotes environmentalism and the other is a political expert, so I thought they could be of great help. I was great students of theirs in 1995. Neither responded, so about 10 days later I wrote again "I guess those who can't do... teach". Both responded. One professor was out of energy due to helping care for her husband and the other was mostly very negative and offered no suggestions other than don't waste any money and quit. I explained to him I've learned more running for president for free than any paid political college course. He didn't respond again.


On January 20th, I realized that running for president that this time is very primitive and is basically about marketing vs. a good platform, ideas and plans. People in general are extremely ignorant about the issues so they turn to voting for someone with a brand name or a name that has been branded with millions of dollars in advertising. I believe this is very primitive and backwards. A president should be chosen mostly based on a platform regardless of name recognition. I thought of an analogy where the "pet rock" was marketed to make someone millions and can be compared to D. Trump where Trump is a dumb rock marketed as a "pet" albeit useless.


There is no reason I want to be president other than not let me vast array of life experience, education, work experience, skills go to waste and I still do not see a candidate I believe in more than myself to make the world a better place.


In the future, I don't want a library named after me, but rather something like "The Eco Presidential Library". I don't want roads named after me, but rather my nickname perhaps such as "Eco Neato Ave". This is because what I'm doing isn't about me, it's about the sustainability of all life on earth. I don't want people to think about me, but rather the environment.


In the likely event I never become a high ranking official, sometime in the future, if the human race makes it that far by voting in bad leadership, people will find out about my positions and wonder why I wasn't listened to in order to prevent the irreversible ecological disasters people later in my life and after I'm gone witnessed.


Leading Democratic Candidate Issues and Thus Why I'm Doing This

Only about a third of democratic primary voters are content with the leading candidates:

  • Sen. Joe Biden: Platform inferior to mine, old age concerns, gaff-prone, angry, annoyed, not genuine, tainted with D.C. politics.

  • Sen. Bernie Sanders: Platform inferior to mine, old age concerns, too far to the left and rude with hand gestures.

  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren: Platform inferior to mine, old age concerns, tainted with political and religious mindsets.

  • May. Pete Buttigieg: Platform inferior to mine, lacks experience, he/husband might get sex change causing hysteria distraction.

  • Michael Bloomberg: Platform inferior to mine, tainted with political, business and upper class affiliations; insulated from regular people.

  • Sen. Amy Klobuchar: Platform inferior to mine, tainted with political affiliations.

Nonetheless, they are great people I would love to work with and are much better and far more qualified than D. Trump.


This campaign has been very educational, interesting and fun. I'm glad I tried no matter the results.


Campaign surprises

  • The qualifications for president are simple: Be a naturally born citizen, be at least 35 years old and be a U.S. citizen for 14 years.

  • The job of president is simple: Just have a platform outlining plans for major issues and delegate to others.

  • By far most people could care less I'm running for president or don't take it seriously. I believe this is because they are afraid talking about it will expose their ignorance of the issues and current events.




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