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Why I Post Much Personal Life on the Internet. How Dangerous is This?


  • Why restrict the Internet to everything except biographies? What I do will be much more common in the future as people become more civilized and don't have thugs out to exploit data. Online biographies will be scanned by AI to match singles, employ people, etc.

  • This is copyrighted material that I plan to convert into a book or book deal.

  • I feel my life and media are interesting enough that someone else in the future will do something good with this, but maybe not in my lifetime.

  • Society has invested a lot of resources into my work training, education, travel, etc. and I've consumed many natural resources to this point. I feel if I don't publish information resulting from those experiences, it is wasted. I want to make the world a better place. Much of what I post is to help others in some way.

  • I plan to run a non-profit in which case the public should know the truth about my background to an extent relevant to the agendas.

  •   It's really a public diary to an extent, but for now I protect the identity of respectable people and don't disclose my DOB or SSN. Many others disclose their DOB, phone number, address, friends, setc. on Facebook, etc. which is risky. Facebook and Google already have sold far more data about us than what I disclose about myself. Cameras record us many places we go in public.

  • I've been doing this sort of thing since 1996 and have never had any serious problem as a result.

  • It's not like I post "Top 10 things I don't want you to know about me" or "List of my vulnerabilities".

  • Some or much info I post could be made up or wrong for all trolls or nefarious people know for sure and can't verify my content.

  • If someone abuses the information to an extent to cause me harm, I can sue that person or entity.

  • I wouldn't disclose so much if I were associated with a workplace (boss), were a female or if it poses any risk to other good people.

  • Since at the time of this writing I'm always on the move, I'm most difficult to find. I don't have a home-base. I frequently live inside military bases with heavy military police / security forces patrol and restricted / no access for those without a military or contractor ID.

  • I have enormous security features in my van / small motorhome which includes steel reinforced entry, alarms, six cameras that record 24/7 and upload online, tracking, cell phone alerts for motion and sound, etc. I have extensive training in security and self defense, much of which is from specialized military training.

  • I have extensive training in online security. No online account has the same or similar password. Two factor authentication is activated when possible. All passwords pass keystone security expert tests. Even if I'm hacked, I can restore what has been lost due to backups, etc.

  • I have no human children of which change a lot and eventually die, but my media I post are like my children that I have control over the content of and remain online indefinitely (, etc.). I'm discouraged from having a child with a woman in this complex society, raising a child in this society of which I disagree with the existence of military, religions, etc. and the fact that we are unsustainably overpopulated. I can't overpopulate the Internet with my personal data, haha.

  • I gain insight on how to improve with your feedback on what you read here.


If you have any feedback feel free to email me