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                         Innovative Nomad and Disabled Vet Seeks Going "From White Motorhome To White House"

                                                Plans Scientist Advisers, Department of Peace for a Sustainable Future


January, 2020, Burbank, California. Eric Talaska “Eco Neato”, a 50 year old single nomad wishes to go "from a white motorhome to The White House" by announcing his exploration for the 2020 U.S. presidency with the Democratic Party. Only about a third of democratic primary voters are content with the other candidate choices. Talaska hopes many people will quickly like his novelty qualifications and traits, but that will require expedited exposure.


As evidence to support a greener economy, 10 countries have both greener economies and higher standards of living than the United States. Talaska says for a sustainable future we must expediently avert certain existential threats by acting on advice from scientists which will satisfy notable warnings of Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio, Greta Thunburg, etc. “There is no sustainable economy without a sustainable environment. I will foster a sustainable balance between the planet, people and profits to achieve green and ethical capitalism" Talaska says. Other major plans include creating a Department of Peace with performance incentives. He says the republican military arms race is "mad" (mutually assured destruction).


While in the Army, Talaska earned Top Secret+ clearances and was called "Mr. President" by one boss and hazed by others. Upon being honorably discharged, he did brutal factory work at night while going to college during the day, eventually earning two college degrees. Being a problem solver, he invented a brake, wrote and prosecuted a patent and designed an innovative campervan. He is eclectic having extensively traveled with a focus on museum exploration which helps him understand varying cultures, science, art and worked 30 jobs which helps him understand varying industries. 


Talaska hopes his action encourages others who are also at the bottom of any hierarchy and those with disabilities to do great things they might have otherwise been discouraged of doing. He recently lost his service dog of 15 years he trained and learned a lot from and is in search of another.


In order for an upset victory chance, Talaska needs many donors to go to his platform to contribute at least $1. The media may use any images on the website.


Contact: Eric Talaska, (360) 214-4474,, Available for meeting, interview in person or online and to give speeches anywhere.






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