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Eric Talaska's Religious History


As of 2020, I'm agnostic, but spiritual. I'm not atheist by any means. I'm closest to Agnostic, Universal Unitarianism, Buddhism, American Ethics Union, the Re-creation Foundation / Conversations with God and New Age "We are All One". I'm open to believe anything with scientific evidence. There are many scientific mysteries that leave open the realm of a supernatural, simulation, spirits, etc. I never abused drugs, never smoked, never vaped, don't drink, don't gamble and have never hired a hooker. Here is my religious history.








Personal Essential Summary and Interpretation of Jesus: Jesus did exist and still does (but not in flesh). There are and have been many people similar to Jesus. The Buddha is the most famous. Jesus' teachings simply tell the story that love is God (trust in God), the creator or the highest form of motivation, and fear is the opposite. To get to God (100% love and trust in love/God), you must not fear anything and must trust in Jesus' teachings. Jesus didn't fear death as the ultimate example and proof. It's that simple to get to God! Most Christians get lost trying to figure it out and miss out on knowing how simple it really is. No living being is going to hell for not understanding this because a place of punishment after death has never existed! Does this mean Hitler went to heaven? Perhaps. He never went to hell other than our energies imagining it.


I have witnessed the suggestion that I have touch healing powers based on an ex girlfriend by healing her otherwise permanently injured knee, my mother by healing her shingles and my service dog by healing his cancerous areas. But this is limited: I can't seem to help anyone live more than about a year longer than normal. I feel I received this special healing energy from my mother.


I have one of the most unusual wishes for what heaven will be like: I wish I could go back in time with the knowledge I had in the future repetitively until I learn how to do things the best way possible.


The Undetectable, Unknown, Paranormal

  • Angels

  • Deja Vu

  • Demons

  • Devil / Satan

  • Extra Sensory Perception / ESP

  • Fourth+ Dimensions

  • Ghosts

  • Gods

  • Luck

  • Magic

  • Sixth Sense

  • Souls & Spirits

  • Telepathy

  • Time Travel / Time Machines

  • Parallel Universes / Double Slit Experiment Explanation

  • Theories of Everything / String Theory

  • Dark Matter



  • Science: energy, matter, anti-matter

  • Poet: mind, heart, soul

  • New age thinkers: body, mind spirit

  • Theologians / religionists: Father, son, holy spirit

  • Psychiatrists: Conscious, subconscious, superconscious

  • Philosophers: id, ego, superego

  • Thought, word, deed (action)

  • Physical, non-physical, metaphysical



Books I've Read

  • The King James version of the Holy Bible

  • Conversations with God; "Thoughts create reality"

  • Recreating Yourself

  • Bringers of the Light



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