Original Quotes by Eric Talaska
These are precious to me, like eternal children of mine
Environment & Health
"Each of us are taking action to destroy the environment, so each of us has an obligation to take action to protect it". 9/20/19 while arguing with selfish person in chat.

Raise your voice, not the sea level.

"Anything that feels pleasure can also feel pain. All life forms can feel pleasure, therefore all lifeforms can feel pain. This would include trees." 9/3/2019 after watching "How do animals experience pain?" by Robyn J. Crook.

"If humans were the only life form in an environment, they would become extinct faster than any life form has ever become extinct".
"The homo sapiens species is the largest and most pervasive virus to the earth and most other species ever, exclusively with a minority band of anti-viral members known as "environmentalists." June 20th, 2014
"The hedonistic industrial revolution far outpaced the evolution of wisdom for sustainability intelligence" May 19th, 2014
"Anywhere there is man made construction, there is also man made destruction" - May 20th, 2014
"Unplanned industrialization leads to planned wars and destruction" - May 25, 2014
"We need something far bigger than the big recession to get more people to reduce, reuse and recycle." - May 27, 2014
"Loud pipes save lives? Why don't you drive a yellow vehicle instead of disrupting the peace instead?" - May 29, 2014
"Smokers who wash their clothes are like pigs playing in mud after going for a swim." - May 29, 2014
"Farting in public should be a lot less offensive than smoking in public!" - 2013
"Dogs are like people: Some need to be on a leash and some don't" - July 24th, 2014"Dogs are to wolves as a humans are to apes." - 2013In response to someone complaining about walking my dog off leash: "If my dog acted like you (and/or your dog), then I'd put him on a leash." - 2013"You should seek psychiatric help if you feel threatened by my well behaved dog" - 2013"You should be MUCH more worried about the threat of what other people pose to you than my well behaved dog." - 2013
The closest thing to God is the universe and religion is anti-science which means the Univers which means anti-god. Religions are anti-truth which would be anti-god. - December, 2018 after debate with nephewIt's impossible to read the bible and not have a bad evil-like thought. - December, 2018 after debate with nephewIn trying to do the right thing spreading religion, it's not a good thing to do. The best thing to do is try to and protect the environment. - December, 2018 after debate with nephew

The religions are man-made fiction and totally wrong that say only people who accept Jesus as their savior go to heaven and nobody else and no animals. In that scenario, only people who are "saved" go to heaven, leaving all animals and other people to go to hell or nowhere. Total nonsense.

Animals are superior over humans in that they don't require making up a Jesus to save them from their sins. Animals don't sin because they are better than us.
Animals just survive, enjoy the creation of Tera Earth and reproduce. Humans do that plus evil bad things that animals don't do.
Animals help grow the ecosystem environment. Humans destroy it for their selfish purposes even if they know it destroys it.
"Anger is a liability". Sept. 19th when at Mt. Pisgah visiting Tippy's memorial.
"If everybody knew everything about everybody, nobody would like anybody." - 2001
"You lie so much you would make a great human" - Aug 12, 2015 when chatting with friend online
"Religion and spirituality fills the gap between scientific evidence and that which is a mystery." - 2013
"Spam says a lot about the human race in its current condition." - 2013
"There is no difference between traveling back in time and knowing the future." - June 30, 2014
"I have proof I am from the future: In the future, there's still no proof of ET or God" - July 8, 2014
"If you could go back in time knowing what you know now, you would do it again... now." - June 26, 2014
"Before you know it, your current moment will be a long time ago" - August 20th, 2014
"If Jesus showed up at any Western Christian church, he would be rejected for not dressing appropriately for church, saying too many weird things and because nobody in the church recommended him or knows him, aka, for not being part of the clique.
And if Jesus performed a miracle? They would call him the devil! and in some Christian cultures would kill him for that." Sept. 2014
"Nature wanted her returned"
"What is half of eternity in if it is not quantifiable does that mean it is something that God does not know?" Oct. 2014 while hiking
"If you don't get too excited about smart investing, you will be forced to get excited about dumb working" - May 24, 2017 after a friend said I was getting too excited about cryptocurrency investing
"Most of my important decisions are made somewhere between ignorance and confusion" - May 8, 2018 when talking online with a friend about purchasing CBD for my senior dog.
"Everybody dreams, therefore everybody likes fiction" - July 13th, 2018 while camping in Cape Blanco, Oregon.
"Is the color gray... black or white? Neither, it's in between" when someone asks a hard question of yes/no, etc. January 26th, 2019, Camp San Luis Obispo campground while in my van on the bed with Tippy dog licking my face (I let him do that since he's 15 years old, blind and diabetic, makes him feel good).
"President Trump is expendable. There are thousands of better qualified candidates waiting in line to replace him. Taxpayers spending millions to protect Trump is like spending millions to protect an old, unreliable, dangerous Ford Pinto parked next to a Tesla new car lot." March 23rd, 2019 while in Lompoc, California Planet Fitness parking lot walking Tippy dog.
New Words / Theory Titles Needed for Definitions
All life takes after previous generations - millions / billions of years; specialChoosing your own destiny / fatePleasure and suffering having an exact 50/50 ratio (previously misquoted) - analogous to the theory that there is an exact amount of matter to anti-matterWhat if we are only life in universe (around 1990)Theory: Universe contracts after expanding to the point of big bang and everything starts all over again exactly as before in endless loop? (2/25/18 at 7:20PM Pacific while in March Air Field, CA)Smallest non-splitable particle would have to be the strongest or nothing small enough and strong enough to cut it - while in or near Oceano, CA, around February 18, 2019Need new word for the line between what humans regard as deserving of rights (no suffering, etc.) and life humans think they can do anything they want with (kill, etc.). Example: Protect and rescue injured birds, but no care if butterflies get smashed on windshield or killed and collected. 3/5/2019

8/29/19 while taking shower Barton park campground, Oregon: The point at which humans and/or AI they created create virtual realities or a virtual reality equal to the world at the time this statement was written.
There are 3 stages of memory problem: Stage 1) normal/common: admit could have forgotten when actually did, Stage 2) deny forgot when actually did and worse of all 3) deny forgot when actually did and continue to deny even when proof is presented such as document or recording (May 16, 2018 while chatting and somewhat arguing with best friend about memory problems)
Interesting Facts
Eric never eats in restaurants and cuts his own hair for health and to save money. He would turn down free food because it's that bad compared to preparing his own groceries.
He writes with his left hand, but is ambidextrous otherwise.
He finds the most beauty in some women, the most ugly also in some women
Priorities for quality of life and youthfulness
1) Health (includes: health food gestromony, fitness, sound mind)
2) Wisdom (includes: Intelligence, spirituality choice)
3) Achievements 
4) Social (includes: Career)
5) Fun (includes: Career, location)
6) Wealth (includes assets)

Eric's Favorites:
People:          Neale Donald Walsch, Stephen Covey, ONJ
Food:             Raw goat milk & blueberry smoothie
Places:          Coldwater Lake, WA, Winthrop, WA, Ginkgo S.P., WA, Oregon Dunes N.R.A., White Sands N.P., Yellowstone N.P.
                          White Cliffs, AR
Music:            Dead Can Dance, Bozz Skaggs, easy listening
Holiday:         Halloween, except for the unhealthy candy
Other:            Children, well behaved non-slobbery pets, fog horns, bass

Eric's Dislikes:
Evil: Lies, crime, theft, keys and passwords for everything
Commercials, advertisements, telemarketers, high pressure sales, junk mail and spam
Anything that is animated, moves or slides on websites with no way to stop it, especially ads
Smoke / pollution, Noise pollution, most R&B music
Un-ergonomic chairs; squeaky chairs
Parking blocks because they are a trip hazard and environmental waste
Negative or Not Contributions for the World
Having Children (until the population is sustainable)
Church Activities & Church Construction
Watching TV, Playing Games
Positive Contributions for the World
Environmental Action / Recycling
Political Affiliation: Democrat, Green or Independent
Motto: "Care"
Political Beliefs: State and/or Federal
The inhumane treatment of factory farmed animals should be eliminated and, after a two year warning, punishment for animal cruelty should match that of human cruelty.An ethics committee should file a report regarding how gunfire in the wild terrorizes wildlife and pollutes. Firearms and ammunition should be more heavily taxed with proceeds to this education as well as education on alternative self defense options.The military should be reduced by at least 80% and the money saved put towards international relations and better communications.
Fuel prices should be substantially taxed more with most tax money to fund projects to help neutralize the environmental damaged from burning the fuel.
The government should have a department that offers free training to business managers to teach them how to respect their employees to such a degree as make almost all jobs fun and desirable in order to cut out welfare and disability fraud committed by those who dread workplace bosses. Participating businesses receive tax benefits.
The government should sponsor yoga, meditation and natural health and nutrition education for all.Abortion rights should be granted to all women of any age or status. Overpopulation solutions: Sterilize dumbest females fast solution (more details needed of course!); education long term solution
Political Beliefs: Federal
More research on GMOs is needed in order to possibly ban them.50% of all armed forces budget should go towards ambassadors with excellent communications skills, particularly digital, to communicate with foreign diplomats to work toward peace and environmental agendas.The standard / SAE measurement system should be replaced with the metric system ASAP. For example, fractional tools would be replaced with millimeter tools, miles will be replaced with kilometers and Fahrenheit to be replaced with Celsius. This will prevent trillions of dollars in errors and wasted, unnecessary tools starting within the fifth year.The right / freedom of free speech should be honored to include the burning of any flag.There should no longer be a single president to make essential decisions, but rather a panel of three with the other two chosen by the president, whereby the essential decisions would be made based on a two out of three vote.In order for the human race to survive indefinitely, it may be necessary to interfere with breeding and/or genetics to prevent people from being born who would exhibit disadvantageous mental behaviors such as to be destructive in nature. This is not a statement in favor of this action, but rather the belief a scientific, medical and ethics task force should be assembled to look into it.
Personal Beliefs
Humans are not superior to any other organism and act as a virus so long as they, as a whole, degrade the Earth's ecosystem.Humans are causing the 6th mass extinction. An environmental task force of scientists should be assembled.The Holy Bible, Koran, etc. were all created and edited by men. There is no true (factual) religion. This doesn't dismiss the possibility of a God or supernatural, however. This also does not dismiss Jesus having ever existed. People should be granted religious freedom so long as it doesn't harm other life.
Summary of Qualifications
Independent: Not affiliated financially with or influenced by any business or organizationU.S. Army veteran of Cold War IAchieved Top Secret and other Security Clearances via the National Security Agency
A collaborative member several protective federal agencies since 2012
No criminal background | FICO score above 750
Never smoked or did any illicit drugs of any kind
No significant "dirt" that will appear later on / no controversy or scam ever involved withTraveled extensively in all states except Hawaii; understands and relates to nearly all unique cultures in the United StatesRead extensive library of non-fiction booksExtensive scientific knowledge of environmental science and climate change
Extensive knowledge of natural health and healthy livingExcellent health; eat extremely healthy to aid in level, clear, reality thinkingAvoids pop culture, cartoons, etc. to aid in level, reality thinkingHeld 26 paid jobs of variety - understand a very wide range of professions and economiesInvented a product, successfully wrote and prosecuted a patent independently (pro se)
Priorities for quality of life and youthfulness
Health (includes: health food gestromony, fitness, sound mind)
Wisdom (includes: Intelligence, spirituality choice)
Social (includes: Career)
Fun (includes: Career, location)
Wealth (includes assets)