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Eric Talaska's Political Party Stances


  • I'm mostly democratic, but might choose green if it had a better chance to win.

  • If I could create my own party, I would call it The Sustainability Party. We can and should combine environmentalism, ethical capitalism, peace, equality, healthcare for all.

  • Political party characteristics evolve over time, so this page will change in time. The Republican Party used to be pro black and pro environment!


Dominant Major Parties

It's been this way since the 1850s! The media is largely to blame for very rarely permitting third party candidates in debates.




  • Progressivism faction, particularly for the environment

  • Facts and truth

  • Egalitarianism and social equality if not overly-zealous

  • Universal healthcare

  • Religious secularism

  • Multiculturalism if not overly-zealous






Republican (GOP)


  • Free market capitalism (ethical and eco sustainable portion)

  • Restrictions on Immigration (we are overpopulated), but not for racist reasons which a lot of republicans choose for that reason




  • Disregard for the truth

  • Defends corruption including treason

  • Huge imperialist faction with little or no regard for environment

  • Fascist faction

  • Expand military (hypocritical they also want lower taxes)

  • Lower taxes for rich (conflicts increase of military spending)

  • Pro organized religion to influence everyone

  • Anti-abortion (here they are hypocritical anti-freedom)

  • Deregulation (too many executives cannot be trusted)

  • Restrictions on labor unions (too many execs cannot be trusted)

  • Gun rights (only regarding non-game hunting weapons)


Minor Third Parties

Minimum chance of winning unless election reform (ranked choice voting and/or non-partisan ballots), the media allows candidates in televised debates or something very bad happens to major party nominees. These often end up helping the republican nominee by reducing democratic nominee votes.

It is extremely difficult for these parties to attain access to being put on state ballots. If not for all that, I would run as a Green Party candidate.




  • Freedom

  • Separation of church and state

  • Free market capitalism (if ethical and eco sustainable)




  • Open immigration

  • Relies on everybody to be nearly perfect to work

  • Deregulation leads to more corruption and drug abuse




  • Ecology as the highest priority

  • Peace

  • Social justice, equality and respect for diversity

  • Democracy




  • Anti-capitalism, but am against common abuse exploiting the environment, people, animals, etc.

  • Socialism brand connotation





  • Restrictions on immigration



  • Anti-abortion choice

  • Gun rights that include non-hunting assault rifles, etc.




  • Nothing: I'm for what it's supposed to be, but it isn't.



  • Supposed to be non-partisan, but isn't. Acts like a mini-republican party and is Pro Trump.

  • Extremely unprofessional and annoying website



*Democratic Party Online Platform Issues I solved on my democratic platform all the while staying within the goals of the Democratic Party.

  • Missing many critical issues.

  • Has a republican-like nationalist tone by overusing "America / Americans" I omit or replace with "we".

  • Highly repetitive.

  • Overly dramatic.

  • Too much emphasis on history rather than problem solving plans.




  • Ethical, moral, trustworthy, high integrity

  • Scientific, factual, educated about the environment

  • Altruistic focus on the future of and for all sentient life

  • Responsible, admits to mistakes, welcomes feedback

  • Friendly, open minded, desire to improve

  • Highly trained professional communicator

  • Fought to end the Cold War, for a Department of Peace

  • Ethical experience working in many industries

  • Age 50, 6'4", fit, exercise regularly, healthy diet

  • Lives in the true representation of the public


D. Trump

  • Corrupt as evidenced by impeachment facts and lawsuits

  • Compulsive liar, oblivious to dire eco disasters

  • Short-sighted, selfish results for ulterior motives and reelection

  • Irresponsible, denies mistakes, punishes and blames others

  • Racist, bully, closed minded, narcissist

  • Often incoherent with bizarre and angry rants

  • Started the Second Cold War by increasing military and rhetoric

  • Dishonest and crooked real estate & casino tyrant and bullying actor

  • Age 73, overweight, unfit, poor diet, vulnerable, bad example

  • Disconnected from regular people; insulated with the rich and famous



Businesses didn't proportionately invest in their workers in any noticeable way regarding higher profits. Most economic growth is due to exploiting natural resources at the expense of the environment and wildlife trauma. We are not paying anywhere near the true environmental cost of goods and services for a sustainable future. I aim to reduce such inequality and exploitation. There is no economy in the not too distant future without a sustainable environment. A greener economy can help ensure a sustainable future. Under D. Trump, the U.S. is still lagging behind at least 10 greener economies in many ways.




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