Eric Talaska - Eco Neato

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Due to workplace and life traumas, I volunteer here as a self-directed environmental advocate.

The main thing the world needs is sustainability and a cleaner environment.

I live full-time in a 20' Innovative Campervan with a solar charged Tesla battery.

I have no family or significant other left.

I travel full time as a distraction and because I become hyper-sensitive to a single environment and neighbors.


I'm experimenting with the possibility of running for public office albeit extremely unorthodox. I an not adaptable in traditional workplaces. This should work if I can be self-directed enough. I manage what I am in charge of exceptionally well if given the opportunity without a boss to haze and have control over me. My service-connected PTSD traits that don't fit into a traditional workplace but should in public office include: The ability to see things others don't see at first, hyper-alertness, hyper-assertiveness (don't tolerate BS), etc. I set the best example in the most important areas such as: Intelligence, problem solving, clean-cut (no tattoos, no smoking, no drugs, no deliberate stupidity), proper speech (I don't talk "like" a Californian (like), I don't have an accent).


Political Beliefs: State and/or Federal


Political Beliefs: Federal


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Priorities for quality of life and youthfulness

1) Health (includes: health food gestromony, fitness, sound mind)

2) Wisdom (includes: Intelligence, spirituality choice)

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5) Fun (includes: Career, location)

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