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The United States

Department of Peace


The United States Department of Peace is a proposed cabinet-level department of the executive branch of the federal government of the United States.


Eric Talaska proposes this department to have much differing, but also some similar functions as The United Nations, Green Peace, The Peace Corps, etc.


The Peace Alliance and the Student Peace Alliance organizations support the creation of a U.S. Department of Peace. Both are national nonprofit organizations and independent grassroots political movements that operate autonomously. The ongoing movement is supported by several members of Congress, the late former CBS Evening News anchor Walter Cronkite and author Marianne Williamson. Also joining the increasing list of national endorsements are Yoko Ono, Joaquin Phoenix, Frances Fisher and Willie Nelson. This movement actively lobbies for the endorsements of congressional leaders and is active in soliciting and receiving a growing list of bipartisan endorsements from city councils in California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, New Mexico and Ohio. Local grassroots chapters have been formed in all 50 states.


Eric Talaska may divide the department in two sections:

1) International Peace to serve as a local addition to the United Nations, etc. and

2) Peace Rights: A national effort to reduce noise pollution from vehicle horn alarms, OSHA mandated backup beeps, etc. by requiring suitable substitutions for the noise making devices. This is to relieve stress from both people and animals.



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