Eric Talaska's Most Influential Affiliations

A workplace failure due to service-connected trauma, my goal is self-directed environmental advocacy.

This is a non-profit advocacy information website at my pace.

I'm traveling full-time in a 20' Innovative Campervan with a solar charged Tesla battery.



Other Affiliations
Many are important organizations, but not a frequent or impactive participant of
Many Employers and Secretary of State Registrations omitted
Green Party, first voted - Jill Stein for president, 2016VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) member since 2015Peninsula Collage, Port Angeles, Washington, President's Medal graduate, 2014InfraGard (FBI, DHS) minimally active member since 2013Ice House Entrepreneurship Program, Graduate, 2014Free2BU / CWG (Conversations with God / Neale Donald Walsch), Dallas, Texas, WebmasterTexas Stream Team, Certified Bacteria Monitor, 3/2010
Clean Energy Legislation Lobbying, Washington, D.C., 2/20/2010
Energy Star, registered partner 1058620 for EcoWhale.comTexas Notary Public, 2002-2004
State Bar of Texas, Legal Assistants Division, active member, 2002Southeastern Paralegal Institute / Kaplan College, Paralegal Certificate, 9-1998EDS, Plano, Texas (Ross Perot), Legal Department Intern, 1998R.O.T.C., Univ. of Arkansas (Reserve Officer's Training Corps), incomplete / student rank, 1994KFSM TV-5, Fayetteville, Arkansas, News Reporter Intern, 1994Arkansas Committee, University of Arkansas student organization, Treasurer, 1993Texarkana College, Texarkana, Texas, 1992Student newspaper reporterCentral Texas College, Killeen, Texas, long distance student when in Anchorage, Alaska, 1989Ashdown High School, Ashdown, Arkansas, High School Diploma, 1986-1987Pleasant Grove ISD, Texarkana, Texas, student, 1978-1986Davis Dodgers Baseball, Pleasant Grove Middle School, Texarkana, Texas, 5/1980
Boy Scouts of America, Texarkana, Texas, Pack 103, 584-5, 3/1978
Liberty Benton Elementary School, Findlay, Ohio, 1971-1977State of Ohio, Office of Vital Statistics, Cert. of Birth State file # 1969032022, 3/20/1969

*Many or most internet sources, to include scientific ones, call the process of unintentional human influenced natural selection artificial selection. Some call it natural and outside scientific sources call it artificial. The most precise term would be "unintentional human influenced natural selection" but that's so long and artificial selection is perhaps not accurate if the selection process is a result of our natural population growth. Since nobody has yet come up with a great term, I'll be the first to call it "human byproduct evolution".

Human byproduct evolution - evolution of species as a result of unintentional human influences over natural selection.
Human byproduct extinction - the unintended extinction of any species as a result of human influences.
Lobbied for Clean Energy
United States Senate - Senator Pryor - Official Pass, United States Capitol - Eric Talaska
Assembled & sold Energy Star computers
Energy Star Registered Partner Logo - Eric Talaska
               Co-created several versions of the "Universal Eco Symbol".
Co-created several versions of the "Universal Eco Symbol".
Peacefully advocated against a new coal fired power plant in Fulton, Arkansas with a group to achieve results.
Wrote one of the relatively first research papers on the future of the Internet (1994) that a
ccurately predicted social media.
United States Patent - Inline Skate Brake - Eric Talaska
University of Arkansas Diploma Degree Bachelors of Arts in Communications Eric Talaska
Senior Walk 1995 University of Arkansas - Eric Talaska
University of Arkansas College Graduate Gown - Eric Talaska
Peninsula College Computer Application Fundamentals Certificate - Eric Talaska
Peninsula College - Digital Image Editing Certificate - Eric Talaska
President's Medal - Peninsula College - Eric Talaska
Southeastern Paralegal Institute Certificate Legal Assistant Kaplan University College - Approved by the American Bar Association - Dallas, Texas - Eric Talaska
State Bar of Texas Legal Assistants Division Certificate - Eric Talaska
Texas Stream Team Certificate of Achievement - Certified Bacteria Monitor - Eric Talaska
Colorado Secretary of State Certificate of LLC Incorporation -
State of Arkansas Secretary of State Articles of Amendment -
US Army Certificate of Promotion - Private First Class - Eric Talaska
Eric Talaska - Army PFC Dress Uniform Officer's Hat, during Cold War
Trust Vigilance Loyalty Emblem 101st MI - Eric Talaska
The Big Red One Shoulder Patch
US Army Signal Corps Certificate of Signal Corps Regimental Affiliation - Eric Talaska
Cold War Veteran Patch
Declassified Top Secret Security Clearance
Top Secret Security Certificate of Clearance Certificate - DA Form 873 - US Army - Eric Talaska
101st Military Intelligence Battalion (CEWI) Certificate of Achievement - Eric Talaska
When in the Army, participated in "
the largest NATO exercise to date since 1954.
U.S. Army Signal Center Fort Gordon, GA. Single Channel Radio Operator Course 31C10 Diploma - Eric Talaska
Basic Training Certificate, U.S. Army Training Center 2nd Basic Training Brigade, Fort Jackson, SC - Eric Talaska
High School Diploma - Ashdown High School, Ashdown, Arkansas, Class of 1987 - Eric Talaska
Boy Scouts of America Registration - Pack 103, Texarkana, Texas, March, 1978, form 28-405C - Eric Talaska
Davis Dodgers Baseball Uniform Child, Texarkana, Texas - Eric Talaska
Rode the world's longest & highest gondola, Peak 2 Peak and drove up Pikes Peak to overcome fear of heights.
Found the world record largest west coast sand dollar.
Installed an underground water cistern, plumbing and pump system for an RV on a mountain side in Colorado.
Installed underground electrical service in Berthoud, Colorado - passed county inspection without being an electrician.
Remodeled a house in Murfreesboro Arkansas 90% on own to include rewiring and adding a door through masonry.
Wrote persuasive papers to exit the Army early and honorably during a time that was deemed impossible.
Completely disassembled motorcycles down to the motor gears, pistons, etc. and successfully reassembled as a child.
2004: Began building custom computers, some with unique designs and functions
2001: Drafted and prosecuted a design patent for a gun safe
2000: One of the relatively first to publish video multimedia on the Internet, years before YouTube
1999: Provided phone support for the first HP laptops
1998: Began purchasing domain names for speculative start-up ventures; formed several corporations or LLCs since
1996 - Present: Logo, trademark, graphics designs from scratch
1996: Worked for one of the relatively first Internet website design firms, learned HTML and built a website
1996: Designed, manufactured and marketed the braking systems solo (small scale)
1995: Invented an inline skate (Rollerblade) braking system
1988: Invented the first remote push button radio station changer for vehicles by modifying the stock radio
1988: Involved with wireless cryptologics technology in the late 1980's with the NSA and US Army
1984: Recommended power button of the Apple II computer to be on the front rather than back even though was laughed at
1984: Completely disassembled, reassembled, modified and redesigned motorcycles as a child on own without training