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Eric Talaska's Portfolio & Work History


Top 10 Advantages

1. Awesome idea platform

2. High intelligence

3. Innovative and creative problem solver

4. Great communication skills

5. Diverse experience and education

  6. No current organization or workplace distractions

  7. Ability to travel anywhere at any time

  8. Interesting novelty traits

  9. No notable adverse records

10. No family distractions



I have a personality and vast array of skills that don't fit in a traditional workplace. To run for president as a disabled person may seem counter intuitive, but is what I believe is best and will inspire others with disabilities and discouragements. I've always felt qualified to be president by age 15. I tried to settle for less, but it evidently never worked. If there is ever anyone who will actually 'drain the swamp' and does not appoint based on favoritism politics and nepotism, it would be me.


When I was honorably discharged from the Army, I always had a very hard time finding employment due to discrimination against military veterans at that time. That is why I always ended up with crappy low paying jobs even after college. Even my own family had no respect for the service. I notice it's gotten better in society, particularly in some regions.


My PTSD is a very valuable skill for being president because my hyper-alertness and the ability see everything wrong will allow me to identify things that need to be changed that others miss. This skill does not work in the traditional workforce as it drives managers crazy because they can't stand someone else seeing everything they are doing wrong, especially since I have not tolerance for corruption (illegal, unethical and immoral activities, political favoritism, etc.). I take action against it. When in the traditional workplace, I didn't have the power to do anything except resign. Also since I'm Gen-X, I have the personality that is most presidential due to being used to adapting, surviving, etc. I have an unusually well-rounded and diverse background that does not fit in a job that requires performing narrow tasks. I am eclectic. My mind is always on a high conscious level of my entire surroundings and inquisitive of the big picture / whole forest.


Of course the job of president is going to be hard, but in many ways will be much easier for me compared to all these things I have to put up with now: Finding a safe, quiet place to camp, finding a place to hang out during the day with good cellular, solar, peace and quietness, finding a place to take a shower, public laundromats, service businesses such as banks who terribly bombard! me with policy updates and statements, vehicle maintenance, computer hardware and software glitches, various other repairs and product failures, mail service while traveling (extremely bad USPS and UPS "service"), medical appointments while traveling, shopping for and preparing food, cleaning "house", etc. Someone else will deal with many of these problems for me. This will alleviate most of my PTSD not having to deal with all that. I have already outlined my plans, which is the biggest task before delegating.


Publications, Inventions and Innovations


Education & Notable Testing Summary

  • Ashdown High School, Ashdown, Arkansas. High School Diploma, 1987.

  • ASVAB (Military Entrance Exam) score - 109 GT (General Total). At that time, this was a very high score which is remarkable considering I did poorly in high school.

  • University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, Bachelor of Arts in Communication, 1995. I'm the first and remained the only of my family generation to achieve a college degree of any kind. I was supported by an almost equal combination of the G.I. Bill, my parents, loan and credit card debt.

  • Kaplan College, F.K.A. Southeastern Paralegal Institute, Certified Paralegal Certificate, 1998

  • Peninsula College, Port Angeles, Washington, Associates of Web Design & e-Commerce, President's Medal, 2013

  • Ice House Entrepreneurship Program, Spokane, Washington, 2014

  • Extensive library of non-fiction audio books, mostly regarding science, business and self-improvement. Since I've been extensively traveling, I didn't waste time listening to music, but rather educational audio books, each often lasting for around eight hours.



Employment History

  • Lawn Mower. 6410 Belair Dr, Texarkana, Texas. Young teen (1980 to 1985). Mowed neighbor's difficult (bumpy) yards with dangerous (unmaintained) lawnmowers in a hostile (hot and humid) climate.

  • Jerry's Drive-In, F.K.A. Sonic, Ashdown, Arkansas - Short Order Cook, $3.35 per hour!, 1987. I worked here for about ten days while in high school and is my first formal employment. I was fired for being too slow as I wanted to take the time to produce quality, but also because I was not talkative. I was looked down at as a loser for not flirting with the hot bell hop. I witnessed a coworker cut his finger at the grill, drip blood on and drop burgers on the floor, but, but HE served them out anyway in order to keep his job; otherwise he would also be let go for being too slow!

  • U.S. Army (Five Bases - mainly Military Intelligence Combat Electronic Warfare Intelligence), 9/9/1987 to 10/25/1989. 31C - Radio Teletype Operator / crypto-logics. 101st Military Intelligence. REFORGER 1988 (largest NATO exercise). I picked my job and locations for training and work except for Alaska where I received Orders to go to when in Kansas. I received Top Secret+ security clearances via the NSA. Pay range $5,352/yr – $10,164/yr (free housing, food and medial) E-3: 8/1/88. Honorably discharged. Active Duty Stations: Fort Jackson, South Carolina (basic training), Fort Gordon, Georgia (job training), Fort Riley, Kansas (job) - this is primarily where I was hazed by three supervisors ranking E-4 to E-5, particularly by E-5 Sargent Luke Davidoff who tried everything he could to harm and demote me. I wasn't the only one; there was an E-2 with the last name of Rivera who Davidoff harassed and demoted also seemingly only because he was Puerto Rican. He often accused my of rationalizing everything he hazed me. The E-4 was Patrick Plummer who was a neo-Nazi and pervert. I believe Davidoff and Plummer hated me because I was clean-cut and anti-tobacco. On the other spectrum, a supervisor named Sargent Robinson asked me what I want to achieve. I said President of the United States. He called me "Mr. President" from there one, but I wasn't sure if he was being encouraging or mocking me because he kept a straight face. The main thing anyone here cared about was their discharge date and when close to it, bragged about being "short". Grafenwoehr Training Area, Germany (NATO training), Fort Richardson, Alaska (job).

  • Cooper Tire Co. , Warehouseman (load & unload tires, operate forklift), Sidewall-wind-up Operator #6, 3500 E. Washington, Texarkana, Arkansas 71854, 870-773-4502, 3/23/90 to 7/7/92 empl. # 4942, $9.17 ($403/wk, $1642/mo, $19,704/yr) to $13.70 ($603/wk, $2,441/mo, $29,292/yr). This was super-human, harsh work. I was also hazed here, but wasn't the only one. There was extreme and dangerous horseplay, particularly with propane powered fork lifts where towers of tires on skids were deliberately rammed into to fall down, causing an injury or death hazard. That kind of hostile culture was ended a few years after I left. I was working mostly the graveyard shift (11pm to 7am) AND went to college during the day.  After reading "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" by Steven Covey, I resigned and went to college full time. That was probably the best decision I ever made rather than stay there.

  • Texarkana College - Newspaper Reporter, Texarkana, Texas, 1991, unpaid

  • University of Arkansas, Arkansas Committee, 1 University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR 72701, (479) 575-5255 (registered student organization), Vice President, 1993

  • University of Arkansas, Media Relations, 1 University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR 72701, (479) 575-5255, Video Helper (unpaid volunteer), 1994 - video switch operator for a Razorback game, but was accidentally not recorded (a co-worker forgot to push the record button).

  • KFSM TV-5, Fayetteville, Arkansas; Unpaid Intern - TV News & Sports. This was the most fun I ever had working.

  • North Carolina Wildlife Federation, Raleigh, NC Canvasser 1 week 1995

  • Data General via Adia Personnel Services (the only temp. agency I ever worked for), 6829 Falls Of Neuse Rd, Raleigh, NC 27615 (919) 676-4288. l, Apex, North Carolina, General Labor, skid mover, 1 week 95, approx. $7 per hour. I couldn't understand the southern slang of coworkers and had to resign.

  • Ramada Inn, Raleigh, NC, 1520 Blue Ridge Rd, Raleigh, NC 27607, Front Desk Clerk 1 week 95, approx. $7 per hour. The pay and career prospect was too low, so I resigned to accept the following position.

  • Blumberg Communications, 100 Dominion Dr Ste 111, Morrisville, NC 27560, (919) 380-0150, Audio-Video Tech ½ year 95, approx $8 per hour, setup a/v rental equipment in upscale hotels and country clubs. An employee stole equipment that caused some issues. I left to accept the following better position with better pay and benefits.

  • Nielsen Media Research (Dunn & Bradstreet) 1659 Virginia St, Dunedin,  FL  34698 (727) 738-7100, Field Rep. - TV ratings monitoring equipment installer trainee, 5 weeks 95, approx $20,000 per year; got fired due to a trainee roommate assault on me (company policy even if not at fault). He was a Hispanic young man who I was forced to share an apartment with. When I complained how he left chicken on the counter for days without refrigeration, he hit me on the head with a pan and shoved me into a wall so hard, I broke through the wall and blacked out for the first and hopefully last time in my life. I needed a few stitches. 

  • Renters Choice (now Rent a Center), 4321 Texas Blvd, Texarkana, Texas 75503, (903) 793-6690, Assistant Manager, ½ year in 1996 Started as Account Manager at $10.10/hour, ended as Assistant Manager at $22,000/year. This is the first time I was hired due to having a college degree. I left due to having to go out and dangerously repossess items past due for monthly payment and lots of heavy lifting. I also thought the business model was a scam, taking advantage of the poor.

  • Freeman Security, 2605 Texas Blvd., Texarkana, TX 75503 (903) 831-4065, Alarm Technician 1 week 96, approx. $7 per hour. I left to move back to my college town of Fayetteville.

  • Florentine Webworks, 2063 Flint Creek Dr., Fayetteville, AR 72703 (479) 442-6907, Website Marketing, 2 months 1996, $6.50 / hr. My boss, Robert Selby of Florentine, created the first official website for country singer Conway Twitty. I left because I felt the pay was too low.

  • Sky Theatre, Fayetteville, Arkansas; 1 month 96 Telemarketer: 1996 $7.00 / hour. We were telemarketers for satellite TV service. The owner was rarely there, so we were left unsupervised and ended up having too much fun on the job by not acting professional, but rather making goofy voices on the phone when trying to sell them the service. There were only three or four of us. One coworker was a woman with two kids and a husband in jail. She liked us and offered sex. She was pretty, but I turned her down because I don't get involved with married women and never have.

  • Arby’s / US Beef Corp. Bentonville, Arkansas, Assistant Mgr. 2 months Dec. 1996 to Jan. 1997 $18,000 per year. I left because it was too much dirty, greasy, hot, fast paced work for the money. Running out of money, I headed back to my parent's for the next job.

  • Capitol Loans (World Acceptance Corp.), 2021 Summerhill Rd, Texarkana, TX 75501 (903) 793-5781, Assistant Mgr. 1 week 1997 $7.00 per hour. I left this job because it seemed very unethical and the pay was low.

  • MedArc, 4508 Texas Blvd., Texarkana, TX  75503 (903) 792-3887, Accounts Collector, 1 month 1997 $7.00 / hour. I left this job because it seemed very unethical and the pay was low.

  • (Sole Proprietorship) f.k.a. Controlit, Inc. - Delaware Corporation, 10/8/1997 Nationwide, especially Texas and Arkansas, f.k.a. Inline Inclined (Sole Proprietorship). Invented, patented and marketed a product designed for inline skate safety. Attended trade shows to meet sports industry leaders and promote my product. Wrote and prosecuted a U.S. patent as an applicant pro se and self-taught Intellectual Property Law Paralegal. Conducted research at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in Arlington, Virginia. Internet domain name law and marketing research. Website design; new product inventing, prototypes, testing & marketing

  • Certified Marketing Services (out of business) Plano, Texas, Zone Manager, 4 mo. 11/3/97 to 2/13/98 $12/hr, $404/wk, $21,000 per year. This job was a little fun and social. I left because the pay was low and wanted to move to the Washington, D.C. area to try my luck with something more prestigious.

  • EDS - Ross Perot, Plano, TX - Intellectual Property Law Paralegal Intern - one month - 9/1998. Extremely snobby women in charge who didn't want me there, but for political reasons allowed me to in order to oblige with the wishes of a the paralegal school I was going to. Later on I linked to their website from my online resume and they called me demanding I remove the link. Did they think I could be so popular as to cause a problem?

  • Litman Law Offices / American Patent Services, Arlington, VA - 9/98 to 11/98, approx. $26,000 per year, Trademark and patent paralegal; website design assistant; was fired for being a "loose canon" (couldn't stay confined to cubicle - roamed around the office socializing and trying to learn other aspects of the business).

  • Comiskey & Hunt (Stephen W. Comiskey), 8251 Greensboro Dr., Ste. 1100, McLean, VA - 1/1999 26,000 / year. I resigned because the pay was too low to live in the D.C. area.

  • Discovery Resources, 1900 Pacific Ave. Ste. 405, Dallas, TX 75201; (214) 720-0044, Litigation Support, $11.50/hr. (around 2000). I left due to low pay for the high responsibilities and felt ignored by management with no hope for advancement.

  • HP Computers via Stream International, 2220 Campbell Creek Blvd, Richardson, TX 75082, (469) 624-5000, (972) 776-2500, Support Service Rep. $9.00; end $10.58. 11/1/99- 7/5/00, national phone support for HP laptops, docking stations, Windows 98 and Windows 2000. There was a woman who called me several times from Los Angeles. She said she loved talking with me and is interested. She said although she has a daughter, she is extremely attractive and worked hard to be very successful. I regret turning her down. I realize later she was very genuine and really liked me for who I was. I should have quit my job and gone for her. Ever since then I often wonder how much better my life would have probably been with her vs. being so lonely for decades later. It bothers me I don't know who she is. I eventually left due to PTSD triggers working in a confined cubicle with supervisors breathing down my neck and constant phone calls with minimum breaks and, of course, also low pay.

  • Nix, Patterson & Roach, LLP Law Firm, 205 Linda Drive, Daingerfield, Texas 75638, (903) 645-7333, Paralegal 2001 to March, 2004, $33,000 per year. Managed, organized and coordinated complex asbestos litigation cases. Bonded Texas Notary Public and member of the Texas Bar Association. Reason for leaving: Young support staff was uncooperative and hostile. Given huge responsibility to manage many cases, but no supervisory authority. Some supervisors were abusive. Inability to negotiate salary increase along with increase in responsibilities. Desire to become environmental lawyer or start own technology business. Received letter of recommendation from Mr. Nix for law school. I took the LSAT (law school admissions test), but didn't process to receive a grade and thus didn't go to law school. I left on good terms, but no lawyer there would ever as much as give me the time of day when I asked for easy assistance with work and this presidential campaign which is sad considering for three whole years I was their slave and did everything they asked immediately no matter if I needed to take a break, etc.


Age 35 as of March, 2004


Elligible to Run for President



  • Extremely high potential if given a chance, exposure, media boost

  • Intelligent, speak eloquently

  • Tall, very handsome, single

  • No adverse records

  • Possibly backed by democratic attorney Harrold Nix (only at that time)



  • Would have had to compete with impressive John Kerry for the nomination, but he lost to idiot George Bush, so I would have been worth a try instead

  • Unpopular; no encouragement from others

  • Overall insufficient background; job hopper; not Ivy-League

  • Didn't know how to run for any office; anti-advertising mindset

  • Although not broke, little funds

Eric Talaska

Eric Talaska, July, 2004 - Age 35


29., f.k.a. Cool.Ventures, f.k.a., Eco.Gallery (Sole Proprietorships in Washington), f.k.a., f.k.a., f.k.a. (LLCs in Arkansas & Colorado);  ICANN retracted without notice domain, so I had to abandon and switch. Computer services to include software and hardware support. Internet website marketing to include search engine optimization, logo creation, graphics, video production, domain name and trademark consulting. Website design, publishing, host reselling and strategic search engine optimization Built Energy-Star computers, parts sales, full software & hardware support for clients. I worked form my house which I sold due to too much stress as it was located on (literally on edge of) a busy highway with heavy truck traffic.

30. Clean Energy Legislation - Lobbyist, Washington, D.C., 2/20/2010

31., 11974 Portland Ave, Burnsville, MN 55337, Director of Operations - Customer Care, $5,538 for a few months in 2015. Supervisor's name was "Rob Monster". What a fitting name for an unethical business boss! Rob is a neo-Nazi delusional religionist on the far right of politics. I resigned due to the ignoring of my warning of trademark infringement, extreme pay disparities, nepotism and other issues I didn't want to get caught up in. At the time I was hired, I didn't know Rob's personal traits as described here now. Rob always viewed me as inferior, so that also bothered me. Very shortly after I left, the company stock plummeted.

32. Not yet filed entity. Volunteer environmental advocacy. Promotional website for presidential candidacy. 


Special Employment

*U.S. Army Inactive-Standby Ready Reserves, 10/10/1989 to 9/9/1995.


Other Volunteer Work

  • Infragard - Collaborator with the FBI, 2016 to present. I have access to information the FBI is concerned with via a restricted access Intranet. It's not even available to almost all high level politicians and government associates. I have been granted membership based on my experience and training particularly regarding information technology and security.

  • Dog Trainer, California. Offer dog training for free to random dog walkers I meet. I'm often turned down because people think I must not be good if I don't charge a fee. This often doesn't work great anyway due to how the dog owners are not consistent with my training and recommendations. 


Closest Calls and Notable Interviews

  • 1995 Product Manager - natural lotion manufacturer in Northeast North Carolina. There were going to hire me until I showed too much interest by wanting to start as soon as possible by bypassing the employment agency and contacting the business directly.

  • Around 1996: Blue Cross Blue Shield (Insurance Headquarters), Little Rock, Arkansas: I was invited to an interview in a high rise building in a room with a large rectangle table. I was asked to take a test. During the test, several people were staring at me in an intimidating way. The questions on the test were absurd and impossible to guess correct answers for. I blushed because I felt stupid while taking the test and thought I was smart. I realized later on it was a trick to test how I react under pressure and failed. If I knew better I would just answer the best I could and then respond at the end of the test I realize it was a test for emotional maturity, confidence, etc., not intelligence. That might have impressed them. Hindsight is 20/20.

  • 1998 Newspaper Reporter - Texarkana Gazette - Texarkana, Texas, 1996. Didn't want to stay long term in that area and low pay. 

  • Around 1998,, Richardson, Texas: During an interview with a woman, she said I should be a comedian and turned me away.

  • 1998 Paralegal - American Arbitration Association, Dallas, Texas. I was hired, but the position was retracted from me and was given to someone else due to internal politics.

  • 2001 Public Relations - City of Texarkana, Texas. I was offered the position, but the they rescinded the offer due to internal politics.

  • 2017 Campervan Design Engineer - Los Angeles, CA - 2018. Owner changed his mind because I have PTSD and I would have turned down anyway due to high cost of living and stress too high in Los Angeles.


Military Bases Extensively Toured since 2016

  • Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana

  • Fairchild Air Force Base, Washington

  • McChord Air Force Base, Washington

  • Fort Lewis Army Base, Washington

  • Camp Murray Base, Washington

  • Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, Washington

  • Travis Air Force Base, California

  • Vandenberg Air Force Base, California

  • March Air Reserve Base Air Force, California


  • Camp San Luis Obispo Army Base, California

  • Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base, California

  • Naval Base Coronado Navy Base, California

  • NWS SEAL Beach Navy Base, California

  • NS San Diego Navy Base, California

  • Point Loma Navy Base, California

  • NAS (Naval Air Station) Point Mugu, California

  • Naval Battalion Center Navy Base, California

  • Naval Post Graduate School Navy Base, California


Why Don't I Run for Lower / Local Office First? 

I cannot run for local office due to my constant travelling. I've already worked at the bottom in 30 different jobs since 1987. I have lived in most states and have been a resident of Ohio, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, North Carolina, Florida, Virginia, Washington and now Oregon. No republican has ever won the presidential election without Ohio and since I was born there, I could upset my republican opponent. This will boost chances of winning the delegate votes in those states. I am adaptable and can become a resident in any state for strategic FEC filing reasons. If I stabilize in one spot, I will consider a lower office and use this campaign platform as a base to convert to the easier local or state office.


I an not adaptable in traditional workplaces. This should work if I can be self-directed enough. I manage what I am in charge of exceptionally well if given the opportunity without a boss to haze and have control over me. My PTSD traits that don't fit into a traditional workplace but should in public office include: The ability to see things others don't see at first, hyper-alertness, hyper-assertiveness, etc. I set the best example in the most important areas such as: Intelligence, problem solving, clean-cut, proper speech, etc.


I volunteer here as a self-directed environmental advocate and volunteer to train dogs, sometimes service or emotional support dogs. I live full-time in a 20' Innovative Campervan I designed with a solar powered air conditioner and multi-charged Tesla auxiliary battery. I have no family or significant other left. I lost my service dog in 2019.


What Big Thing Have I Achieved to Qualify?

If the above info doesn't impress you, it's not necessary to have taken advantage of other, become rich, work in a corrupt D.C. environment for years, etc. in order to qualify to be president. I meet all the legal qualifications to become president. It is more important that the president be educated and ethical enough to implement strategies to solve the biggest problems. That's where I come in as having a unique combination of being highly intelligent, ethical, a problem solver and communicator.


Leadership Personality

  • Consult with competent experts with excellent communication skills before making major decisions.

  • Professional communication and avoidance of clichés for clarity.

  • If given the chance, become much better than average in performance, sometimes the best.

  • Work out a lot (instead of playing golf, eating out, etc.) and eat healthy, thus setting a good example.

  • Meditate more than average. This is necessary to clear the mind to make room for new, creative, good ideas.

  • Not going to wear a suit if I can avoid it. Going to wear nice, comfortable athletic apparel when posible, but with no brand logos.

  • Responsible, ethical, moral, truthful, high integrity.

  • Sense of humor when appropriate.


Top 10 Novelty Traits

  • Represent all sentient species even if they can't vote; acknowledge the anthropogenic sixth mass extinction.

  • Disabled veteran with managed PTSD and a service dog trainer and handler looking for a new service dog who will be high profile. Would be the first ever to have a service animal during debates and when in office, State of the Union addresses, press conferences, etc.

  • Nomad living on the streets with no home base (initiated this solo in my 100 square foot campervan). If I can come up with this on my own in a tiny room, imagine what I can achieve with help in the White House, etc.

  • Was an extreme latchkey Gen-X kid who escaped an abduction, was bullied and performed poorly in high school until college where I progressively improved to achieve a President's Medal. My parents were married for 50 years. My mother defected from former East Germany in 1959 and her family had a bicycle and sewing machine business they lost due to WWII.

  • No family distractions (no contact with family; parents deceased) and nepotism is not possible.

  • Single, eligible bachelor, straight and never married; open for one very smart, dependable, friendly, single female companion.

  • Invented a skate brake, wrote and prosecuted a patent for it on my own without a lawyer.

  • Inventor and created an extraordinarily innovative campervan with a solar powered air conditioner and EV auxiliary charge input.

  • I'm the best hope for religion all the while being agnostic. Here's how. There will be no religions without a sustainable environment in the not too distant future with business as usual because our species would become extinct. No all powerful and good God would want a destructive virus (humans under current leadership) that destroyed its only environment in "his kingdom". I'm agnostic and very spiritual with no religious affiliation. I don't dispute the existence of God. Agnostics are not atheist. Rather than referring to God blessing anyone, I would rather say something like "Carry on with freedom".

  • Found the world's largest Pacific / west coast sand dollar and donated to the California Academy of Sciences


Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with and do not endorse any organization on this portfolio except that I'm still a member of InfraGard-FBI and volunteer for













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