PERSONAL STATEMENT FOR LAW SCHOOL ENTRY - 2003 (never applied, took LSAT once)

They say variety is the spice of life.  My diverse education, experience and background make me exceptionally qualified for your law school.  This step assists in the development of myself and a career in environmental law.  I want to specialize in environmental law to help others and the environment.  With the continuing changes in technology that affect our local and national environmental resources, I wish to make a positive difference.  The timing for me to go to law school is excellent because I am focused, distraction-free, debt-free and flexible.
I was the first of my generation to finish college in part to the inspiration of my mother who escaped from former East Germany.  She encouraged me to take advantage of all the opportunities she missed due to the conflicts her family experienced during World War II and prior to her escape.  In America she faced many challenges such as overcoming language, cultural, financial barriers and raising a family, particularly one of my terminally ill brothers. 
In 1992, I was inspired to go to the University of Arkansas after reading self-improvement and motivational books that made me believe, in summary, that it is most gratifying to do something enjoyable, be around interesting people and contribute well to society, and in my case, to the planet.  College would better prepare me for that.  I made this decision and figured out the whole process on my own as I have with many important things and am proud to have made excellent decisions and follow through with my plans.
After earning an undergraduate degree, I wrote and prosecuted pro se and marketed a U.S. patent for one of my inventions designed to prevent inline skating accidents.  I learned intellectual property law on my own by reading and spending much time in the Patent and Trademark Office in the Washington, D.C area where I also spent a lot of time in the Smithsonian Institution museums that I found to be most fascinating and educational.  I felt so competent in the way I handled the patent process that I was inspired to earn an ABA-approved graduate Paralegal Certificate that is similar in study and difficulty to the first year of law school.  Although paralegal school was more difficult than my undergraduate studies, I had better grades.
Presently I am a paralegal with Nix, Patterson & Roach, L.L.P.  Currently my duties include simultaneously managing eight complex litigation cases from inception under attorney supervision.  The combination of legal education and experience described above strongly proves my academic and post-academic interest and ability to excel in law school and the legal profession. 
Why change now?  Why not settle down with this paralegal position?  Why not buy a house and a new car?  The answer came after my Mother told me she wanted a new Mercedes.  I said to her “it’s not what you drive, but where you drive that matters.”  At that moment, it occurred to me that I should “drive to law school” and keep my old car.  In addition I won’t have car payments during school.
Environmental law is my legal specialty focus as I believe it will be very rewarding, gratifying and allow me to meet my personal goals.  I have always been environmentally conscious and have a sincere interest in making a big and positive difference.  I have developed an environmental website to promote vehicles that are much more environmentally friendly.  Being an environmental lawyer would help me fulfill my desire to help other and our environment.
With much more than an undergraduate GPA and an LSAT score to show for, I will excel in law school and will be able to contribute much to society by applying my diverse life experience, background and law school education to the development of a legal career within the environmental law arena.