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Eric Talaska's Personal Disclosures & Tax Returns


  • FEC (Federal Election Commission) Status: Unfiled due to less than $5,000 in donations as of January 12, 2020.

  • Birth Year: 1969

  • Birthplace: Findlay, Ohio.

  • Criminal records: None.

  • Controlled substance use: Never.

  • Addictions: None.

  • Adverse abuse of others: None.

  • Other Potential "Dirt": Nothing significant can be presented as fact.

  • I never abused drugs, never smoked, never vaped, don't drink, don't gamble, have never hired a hooker and nobody is under a non-disclosure agreement due to my actions.

  • I have never been married and have no children.

  • Mental health: PTSD mainly due to workplace hazing and life-threatening cold-war exercises. Managed with service dog, meditation, counseling, exercise and healthy eating (for mind clarity) which is great for anyone.

  • Physical health: Excellent. I even had two DNA tests done to detect any genetic, etc. risks and nothing was found.

  • As stated I'm from Ohio, but my mother is from former East Germany. Her family was once under the rule of both Nazis and then Russians, but their true beliefs were anti-Nazi and anti-Russia. They just wanted to be left alone to run their family bicycle and repair shop business. They lost their business due to WWII. My mother defected from the communist regime in 1959 in favor of West Germany. She became a naturalized U.S. Citizen. 



  • For my employment history, see my portfolio.

  • I will disclose all tax returns for the past ten years upon becoming a candidate included in any public debate.




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