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Major Conspiracy Theories - Eric Talaska's Stance

Subject to improvement upon expert consultation and your feedback



Disclosure of Notable Conspiracy or Cover-up: I will disclose any notable cover-up the public is entitled to know about so long as the disclosure does not significantly threaten their own safety, security and such disclosure would be legal.


Likelihood of Notable Conspiracy or Cover-up: I have had access inside many military installations to include very close proximity to Navy SEALs, nuclear submarines, the USS Zumwalt stealth carrier, etc. and believe it's unlikely any government entity is capable of covering up something as complex as an alien crash, the faking of the moon landing, "chem trails", etc. largely due to the amount of people that would have to be involved. I have accessed an FBI collaboration intranet, have worked for the U.S. Army with a Top Secret, Secret Compartmented Information, Special Intelligence security clearances as well as working in Area 51-type "Eyes Only" environments and have not seen any evidence of a notable conspiracy coverup by any U.S. government entity.


God / Supernatural Being / Creationism

No evidence of or not. No written text, bible, pictographs or tablet is evidence. Faith is not evidence. No evidence of Jesus. No evidence of the Arc of the Covenant, Noah's Arc, etc. Immoral scripture such as normalizing killing God's only son, cruel slavery, the invention of an eternal hell, encouraging humans to dominate sentient animals, multiple authors and multiple translations, etc. suggest the Holy Bible is fiction, perhaps with the purpose to instill fear to try to get people to behave a certain way and for churches to have control over them.

There are many scientific mysteries such as the origin of life, origin of everything, dark matter, etc. that suggest there could be a God, supernatural being or creator, but just highly unlikely a God of our written bibles.

There is evidence humans evolved from primates which ultimately evolved from fish much earlier than double the age of any bible. This doesn't disprove the possibility of a creator since we do not know the origin of life, but it does disprove the possibility of a creator according to any ancient religion.

There could be a trickster or testing God. One or more bibles may have the opposite purpose of what they purport, for example, those who have faith in bibles with crazy and immoral stories will be the ones not allowed to continue in an afterlife, heaven or kingdom of God.


Area 51 / Aliens

Area 51 does exist but it's extremely unlikely that an alien capable of interstellar travel crashed on this stable and safe planet Earth. The technology required for them to arrive here is far too advanced so as to allow such a crash. Although no evidence, it seems probable there is alien life / life beyond Earth.


Global Warming / Climate Change / 6th Mass Extinction

There is conclusive evidence of human caused climate change and the premature initiation and acceleration of the Holocene 6th mass extinction.


New World Order

Some evidence of attempts. There is evidence of the Bilderberg group of wealthy and powerful people who have secret meetings. There is FEMA, but not concentration camps that have the intention to dispose of most of us. There is InfraGard, a non-profit organization of private citizens who collaborate with the FBI and who can be given powers to act as sort of 007 agents, possibly with the authority to arrest or kill ordinary citizens, but no evidence of a plot to initiate such a take-over or killing plan. Based on this information, we should exercise extreme suspicion and caution. The eye of providence, triangles, etc. on US currency or elsewhere is not conclusive evidence.


Alternative Therapy Suppression

It seems feasible there may be a conspiracy by the FDA, influenced by big pharmacy / lobbyists, to suppress the advancement of alternative solutions to medical illnesses. Following the money trail, it seems those who profit from prescription drugs and unnecessary but yet extremely expensive medical procedures have a huge influence.



No evidence for a nefarious purpose, but there is evidence fluoride is great for our teeth, but not good for the rest of our body.


Humans on Earth's Moon

There is conclusive evidence. False reporting would take more resources than humanly possible at that time. Purported video or photo of a flag blown by Earth wind is not conclusive.


Flat Earth

Obviously debunked; round or elliptical Earth proven.


Chem Trails (Chemical trails left by aircraft)

No evidence of a plot to deliberately change the atmosphere or poison people to any great extent.


CoViD 19 Created

No evidence CoViD 19 virus was created by anyone to foster a pandemic for any reason such as to reduce our population or for more government control.  No evidence of a vaccine intended to control the population or any other nefarious reason. No evidence Bill Gates is involved with any nefarious act or conspiracy.


September 11, 2001 Terror Attacks by the US Government

No evidence initiated by the US government to justify any war or military response. Purported video evidence is not conclusive. However the United States has poor credibility when examining the Iraq War and acting as a bully - imperialist. Therefore I tend to lean towards the terror attacks were not perpetrated by the United States, but some facts may have been over dramatized to justify attacking Al Qaeda and/or justifying an increase of government control and surveillance.


President John F. Kennedy Assassinated by the US Government

No evidence.







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