Healthy Living Simplified
by Eric Talaska
Eric has been unusually slow to age due to his healthy and relaxed lifestyle and mysteriously consumes unusual amounts of food without weight gain, claiming much energy is usable for "touch therapy" and expended in over thinking

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For Youthfulness, Longevity, Weight Control, Increased Energy & Reduced Health Risks. 
Any "food" not suggested here may be harmfully toxic.   
No medical advice is intended. Ask your health care practitioner if this health guide is right for you.

Personal Health
Nontoxic Home & Business Environment Consultations

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Contact Eric...
* to help you choose and find non toxic products that are better for your health and the environment
* to evaluate your home for toxic dangers and give practical safe solutions (on-site only)
* to evaluate a home for toxic exposures before you buy
* to get non-medical advice on all aspects of healing from multiple chemical sensitivities, based on first-hand experience
* to help you make the transition to healthful eating plan of whole organically-grown foods
* to help you reduce your consumption of white sugar and replace it with natural sweeteners
* to work with your interior decorator to choose nontoxic, natural, or earthwise home furnishings
* to help you plan a nontoxic, natural, or earthwise wedding
* to work with your contractor or architect to build a home that is less toxic and more natural.

Eric Talaska specializes in a comprehensive approach to healthy homes. Eric prefers to start working with you at the conceptual stage of your designs. At this point he is best able to educate you and your family on the most budget minded green and healthy options for your new home, according to your families needs.

Eric's ability to combine healthy and green into a design is vital to the success of your homes indoor air quality. A healthy home should perform as a system that breaths fresh air in and out while maintaining low and balanced indoor humidity levels through all seasons and is absent of chemical, heavy metal or other inorganic pollutants.

Eric Talaska consults with individuals and families all over the United States via telephone and is able to develop a protocol specific to the person(s) involved in the unhealthy situation. Eric asks specific questions that allow him to go straight to the indoor air problems. He then consults about the environmental pollutants involved, which are causing the problems - and prescribes specific products and methods for "do it yourself" clean up.
A written prescription for creating a healthier building for you, your family or co-workers is prepared by Eric after the consultation along with any product or methodology literature to back it up. This comprehensive service is offered at $65/hr. Most consultation and prescriptions require 1-3 hours of time depending on the size of the project and the number of issues to be addressed.

Healthy Eating:
Organic foods
Water: Half your weight in ounces (about 9 glasses) of chlorine-free/filtered water per day.
Whole Grains & Legumes: Whole grain oats, bran, wheat, pasta, brown rice, etc.
Fresh Vegetables: Splurge on varieties, preferably uncooked. Steam if you must cook.
Fresh Fruits: Splurge on varieties preferably uncooked. Eat fruit at least 3 hours after other meals.  ** Vegetables and fruits are healthiest in a fresh juice form by using your own juicer daily. **
Raw Nuts & Seeds: Walnuts and almonds are best. Avoid peanuts, roasted and salted nuts.
Plant Oils: Virgin cold pressed olive and flax (linseed) are by far the healthiest.
Safe Flavorings: Iodized sea salt, natural herbs and spices (no MSG) in small amounts as desired.
Safe Sweeteners: Choices include honey, evaporated cane juice, fresh fruit juice and Stevia.
Supplements: Multivitamins and herbal supplements and remedies as desired. 
Meats & dairy are not necessary for protein and calcium, should be organic and consumed minimally. 
Never use plastic or plastic wrap in the microwave. 
Use Glass, earthstone, ceramic, stainless steel cookware. Never drink from plastic cups. 
Cook using a Stainless steel pessure cooker []    

Proper Food Combining: 
Take live plant enzymes or eat raw vegetables right before eating any cooked or heated food.
"Drink your food & chew your drink" for proper digestion (chew food well and sip and swish drinks).
Drink 2 glasses of water around 20 minutes before meals. Do not drink with meals or 1 hour after meals.
Avoid combining protein rich & starchy foods. For example, do not eat meat and potatoes together.
Fruit should be the only breakfast food. Fruit should always be eaten on an empty stomach and not   combined with any other food except avocados, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers & celery.
Vegetables can be eaten with anything except fruit.
Allow at least two hours between meals, especially after eating meat or dairy.     

Healthy Lifestyle:  
Stretch & Exercise: To lose weight expend more calories than consumed. Brisk walking is very healthy.
Posture & Ergonomics: Don't sleep on your stomach, slouch, etc. Learn how to lift heavy objects correctly.
Smile & Laugh: As often as you can. Avoid negative emotions of the past and present.
Massages: By licensed massage therapists if desired for circulation and to relieve tension. 
Get rid or or move outside anything saying "Poison Control Center" on the package to include most toothpaste.        

Healthy Products:
Books (explains why these products are vital):
Fit for Life by Harvey Diamond [] by Nathaniel Hawthorne Bronner, Jr. 
Living Green by Greg Horn[] 
Home Safe Home by Debra Lynn Dadd [] 
Prescription for Nutritional Healing by Phyllis A. Balch []

Personal Health:
pH kit (Consume coral calcium, cod liver oil and more greens to balance your pH) [] [] 
Colon cleanser [] 
Detox patches [] 
Champion Juicer [] 
Natural sunscreen (Sun Exposure is healthy for about 15 minutes per day at most) 
Natural toothpaste [] 
Natural insect repellent [Botanical Solutions Mosquito Guard] [Buzz Away] 
Natural deodorant [] 
Natural shampoo [] 
Body brush [Walmart, etc.] 
Tongue scraper [Walmart, etc.] 
Floss [Walmart, etc.] 
Reusable polypropelene (#5 recycle symbol on bottom & lid)
Sonicare toothbrush
Natural soap

Natural soap or shampoo 
Organic Diatomaceous earth for flea & tick control [] 
Frontline Plus flea & tick topical medicine as needed 
Nutro Ultra: dry food (moist or canned food contributes to poor dental health) [Petco / Petsmart] 
Change their water frequently and use glass, ceramic or stainless steel bowls

(if you have toxic products such as a mattress that you can't afford to replace, set them outside in the sun all day on the hottest day(s) possible preferably with lower humidity. This will cause toxins to "off-gas").

#1 Organic bedding: Organic mattress (expensive!, but crucial). Mattress & Pillow mite protector []. Organic bed sheets [, etc.] 
Carbon monoxide detector 
Radon test kit 
Indoor plants: Pothos, aloe vera, spider [Walmart, garden centers, etc.] 
HEPA air filter(s) [Walmart, etc.] 
HEPA vacuum cleaner [Walmart, etc.] 
Activated Carbon Filters (temporarily lay on toxic products such as mattresses, pillows, carpet, etc.) [Lowes] 
Window a/c with an exhaust fan & filter feature (use when mild outside) 
Water filter for sink[Lowe's, Home Depot, etc.] 
Nylon or cotton shower curtain  
Chlorine water filter for shower [Lowe's, Home Depot, etc.] 
Cleaning Supplies: Borax, Baking soda, White vinegar [Walmart, etc.] 
All (brand) Free & Clear (for laundry) [Walmart, etc.] 
Ecover dish washing liquid [Local health food store] 
Sustainable wood, ceramic tile or true / natural linoleum, Marmoleum and Artoleum. 
Wood or cotton blinds (not if dry clean only) 
Diatomaceous earth for pest control 
Nontoxic (Low VOC) indoor paints, sealers & glue [Safecoat 1] [Safecoat 2] [mfg. links] 
Jojoba oil (instead of toxic WD-40, etc.) for door hinges, etc. [] 
Wash all new bedding & clothing in hot water before first use.

If you have a sunroof/moonroof, use it to help offgas toxic fumes. If not, keep a rear window slightly open. 
Do not buy a new car. Cars over 3 years old have offgassed highly toxic chemicals.

Get rid of / never buy again:
All cleaning supplies & disinfectants unless listed above 
Avoid aerosol sprays (hair spray, cooking oil, etc.); can contribute to or antagonize respiratory illnesses. 
Avoid textiles labeled permanent press, no-iron, crease-resistant, wrinkle free, wrinkle resistant, shrink-proof, stretch-proof, water repellent, water-proofed and dry clean only. 
PVC (vinyl), Styrofoam (don't buy =) 
Bottled water. See notes above. 
Carpet & unnatural (synthetic) rugs 
Particleboard (glued wood shavings) furniture, etc. under 24 years old unless formaldehyde-free. Pressboard / peg board is OK. 
Mothballs, pesticides, insecticides & fertilizers (unless organic)

Market Needs / Business Ideas:
More organic clothing selections  Home & business toxicity consultants

I got the flu and was able to get rid of it in under 24 hours and never had pain by taking all of these:
Lots of sleep: Almost all day and all night long
Dog kisses
1 Ibuprofen
Organic Greek Yogurt
Cornish hen & broth
Acidophiles pearl
Lots of water
Now that you have vital information to take care of your family, please be responsible by also taking care of our environment, ecology, wildlife and future by recycling, investing in energy efficiency, etc.  *Statements on this website have NOT been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease; research is ongoing. Information provided on this website comes from a variety of online sources.  Reprinting permitted & encouraged with this notice: © 2004-2013.

Touch Healing Energy Therapy Theory
by Eric Talaska, December, 2012

Eric Explains the theory of touch therapy in his own words:

What it is not:
It is not a gift from God
It is not magic

What it is:
An evolutionary genetic trait designed to enhance longevity of the human race.
Transfer of pheromones or other energies to another to signify to the other's cells or bacteria to fight off illness or injury.
      Note: We are made of 90% bacteria that could be significantly contributing to the therapy via communication!
                There is 100 times more life on your skin than humans on earth!
Can also simply be the social skill of an individual to convince another enough to cause a desired placebo effect.

For hundreds of thousands of years, touch therapy has evolved within a secluded group of humans, but the origin is unknown. The best, most effective ones were exterminated because it was thought of as witchcraft, religious blasphemy, etc. Today some people carry the genetic traits and can perform limited touch therapy. They are often characterized as weird and age much more slowly than the general population. They often notice many personality differences compared to others.

Today, touch therapists are unlikely to be exterminated, but rather ridiculed. Eric claims to have limited touch therapy ability based on several instances, but needs more research to aid in making any conclusions. Eric does not have the will or ability to assist with certain inappropriate conditions.

It is important to understand touch therapists cannot perform miracles or magic. They cannot do something like cause a severed limb to regrow, etc. They can only send signals to cells to perform certain actions or inaction.