Eric Talaska

for President


of the United States


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Act Now



Goals & Public Misconceptions


  • Although the best outcome is to have enough support to win the general election, it is far from necessary to achieve a desired result. It is a significant accomplishment just to get the platform message heard by as many people as possible to help make the world a better place.

  • Many or most people seem to think there is no point in this due to longshot odds of winning the general election, but they should understand winning the general election is not required for a successful platform promotion.

  • However it would be a tragedy for any democratic nominee to lose to a republican. If I become the nominee, I must win or losing would be a failure to the world. It is only if I become the nominee I must win against the republican fool.

  • I wish to educate the unenlightened. Particularly, it is critical to inform many people that just because, for example, Al Gore flew in a jet does not discredit or make environmentalism bad any more than someone who drives a gas car to a grocery store to buy vegan products would make eating vegetables bad.




  • Utilize my vast skills to make the world a better place at least by spreading the ideas.

  • Other candidates have defective plans and won't listen to me, so I have to do it myself.

  • I am not affiliated with any organization in a way that prevents me from sharing who I really am, my political beliefs, etc.

  • There are minimal privacy concerns due to detachment from family, religion and other organizations and entities.

  • I have a large degree of security protection and am extremely difficult to locate.

  • It's been highly educational to learn about the political process. I learned much more in a shorter time than a college course.

  • I have learned much more about who I am.

  • Others can learn who I really am by readying my positions.

  • I have the time and money to do it.

  • Encourage those with disabilities to strive for desired achievements others say can't be done.




  • Longshot, but not a no shot.

  • I have a history of achieving things others said can't be done.

  • 100% better chance than the majority of qualified citizens who will not run.




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