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EV Charging Station Use for RV / Campervan, etc.



  • Install J1772 adapter in a non-EV at your own risk.

  • True EVs will not let you drive off while plugged in. Non EVs with aftermarket EV charge ports do allow you to drive off while plugged in. If you drive away while plugged in there could be damage to property or injury to others.

  • You could receive a citation for using an EV charger on a non EV.



  • Consider prioritizing the installation of an alternator to auxiliary battery charger, also known as: B to B charger, battery isolator, etc. because it's best to avoid EV charging stations for reasons mentioned above in the warnings list. Also, you could spend so much time driving around trying to find a free EV charging station that is available that you could achieve a charge during the driving. I have done just that many! times.


Recommended Parts

  • iCharger X8 charger ($120 as of 11/2019) from which has online chat support M-F 9-4ish.

  • Mean Well RSP-1000-24 power supply ($200 as of 11/2019) also available from Progressive RC. That power supply is for 24V, so get the one for your aux/rv battery voltage. You could get a cheaper power supply (PSU), but if you do, you will have to risk getting a citation for parking in a EV spot as the charge will take much longer and be less reliable.

  • J1772 adapter from (about $100) as of 11/2019).


EV (Electric Vehicle) Power Station / Charge Port Free Charging Option

Many charging stations provide free power paid for by tax-payers, not to do EV owners a kind favor so they can selfishly drive around for free, but to reduce air pollution for the benefit of all life. The debate on whether RVs should qualify is easily settled by reviewing the following benefits:


Eco Friendly

  • Reduce generator air and noise pollution

  • Reduce alternator charging / driving

  • Reduce propane dependency (cooking, etc.)

  • Battery lasts longer with four stage charging

  • Energy sources increasingly renewable and clean

  • Makes it more practical to live in a minimalist campervan and use as daily commuter

  • In the future can give power to the grid from solar panels when fully charged


Other Benefits

  • Can park up front in many premium EV parking spaces if less than 21' long, many are free

  • Save money dry camping

  • Do others a favor by freeing up high demand power campsites

  • Very convenient: Don't have to fiddle with your own cords or adapters

  • Will get a lot of attention (if you want to make new friends, talk with others, etc.)



  • Predict in the future more people will live in vehicles/RVs due to increased conveniences, better designs and need to relocate frequently due to climate changes, etc.

  • Picture

  • Picture

  • 20.5' long custom Sprinter campervan with 540W solar, Tesla battery pending

  • On December 20th, 2018, Eric Talaska - Eco Neato was the first known to successfully install an EV charge station adapter system in an RV / campervan (or possibly on any non-electric driven vehicle) and on the next day was the first known to cook using the charge station power with an electric induction stove. There have been EVs connecting to campground power, but this is the first RV to connect to an EV charging station. 



Logical argument for non electric driving vehicle charging

  • There's no defense necessary because plug-in hybrids are allowed to use the same charging stations. Those vehicles don't have to plug in: They have a gas engine. This is not all about an all electric vehicle needing to get home, it's mostly about preventing air pollution. An RV plugged in prevents air pollution (less generator, propane, driving around for alternator charging, etc.).

  • Eco: Reduces generator charging, alternator charging / driving, propane dependency (cooking, etc.)

  • Eco: Battery lasts longer with three+ stage charging

  • Main reason charge stations exist is to reduce pollution, which we are doing

  • In the future can give power to the grid from solar panels when fully charged

  • An alternator charger for the RV battery causes stress on electric systems that EV charging alleviates.

  • Campground and RV park electric hookup sites are almost always full. When a <21' RV uses an EV charger, he frees up electric campsites for those who have larger vehicles and need them.



  • Charging station etiquette: Place note "Use this charger for essential need, then please plug back in" (sometimes EV drivers need to charge to get back home, etc.); Here you can purchase pre-made place-cards

  • Some EV charge stations are fee based or may be restricted to Tesla cars

  • Join the "Campervan EV Charging" private Facebook Group​

  • Recommended Parts

  • ​12 and 24V: J1772 to Zero Adapter (product name) (EV 240VAC inlet) -

  • ​240VAC light to install near ignition so you are alerted you must detach the charger before driving. amazon

  • Two small gauge wires from 240VAC cord to ignition area.

  • EVs won't start if plugged in so they don't need the light.

  • Power Supply - Switchable from 120 / 240V good for EV / Shore Power - amazon Prime link

  • iCharger X6 charger / balancer - amazon link

  • Use with 120VAC / 240VAC to 24VDC Power Supply - amazon link

  • Fully programmable; balances once on command, not all the time

  • May take several hours to learn (read the manual - click for PDF download link)

  • Can balance via shore power / EV station or plugged into inverter

  • Typical J1772 Inlet Install Dimensions


Install Tips

  • Try to locate the entry port about in the middle of the vehicle so you can drive in straight or back in as desired rather than according to power cord length. In my example, I installed towards the rear only because I used an existing hole rather than drill a new one.

  • The hole needs to be 2" to 2 1/8". If slightly too small, you can cut and bend inwardly a bit.

  • Remove the existing four bolts. Use roofing screws. Use butyle tape to prevent water leaks. Always keep lid closed to prevent corrosion.