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How to Use an Alternator to Charge an RV Battery






  • DC to DC charger / converter

  • Alternator to battery charger

  • Inappropriate: "alternator charger"

  • Buck boost / charger

  • ACR (Automatic Charging Relay)

  • Battery Isolator






Another similar, more recent video showing updated power center coming soon.


Recommended Main Parts

  • Victron Buck Boost 25A DC-DC Converter (fully programmable via TS Config software with USB to computer).

  • Order this one if your alternator is less than 150A or you run a lot of accessories on the starter battery.

  • (or) Victron Buck Boost 50A through InvertersRUs

  • Probably about the most a stock 150A+ alternator can handle, but only if minimal vehicle accessories running from starter battery.

  • It may be necessary to install a high idle if using high amp charger on stock alternator to charge while idling vs. driving.


Not Recommended

  • Orion-Tr: Gets extremely hot causing fire risk and off-gassing of chemicals, dangerously close together cable input with quirky and unreliable small screwdriver tightening, the Bluetooth programming is much more limited and the device is very bulky. If you already have an Orion Tr, a Buck Boost can work with it if you program the Buck Boost as master.

  • Sterling: Quirky programming, terrible instructions, terrible support, difficulty ordering.

  • Renogy: Low quality made in China, more limitations vs. Buck Boost.


How Eco Friendly

  • Reduce generator air and noise pollution.

  • Makes it more practical to live in a minimalist campervan and use as daily commuter.

  • Incentive to drive slower for more charge time resulting in fuel savings and safer driving.


Other Benefits

  • Save money compared to campground fees with power.

  • Do others a favor by freeing up high demand power campsites.

  • Very convenient: Don't have to fiddle with your own cords or adapters.




Sample programming for Tesla module




  • Warning: Electricity is dangerous.

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