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Coral outcrop on Flynn Reef
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For a sustainable future we must prioritize high quality education and expediently avert certain existential threats by acting on advice from the most talented scientists and sociologists which will satisfy notable warnings of experts. I will foster a sustainable balance between the planet, people and profits to achieve green and ethical capitalism. Businesses and people who commit environmental crimes as well as harass us with telemarketing, junk mail and spam will be more heavily fined and surplus funds will reduce the national deficit. I will reduce military hardware spending to create The Department of Peace. Websites that sell products with a "Made in USA" and/or "ships locally" search option will be granted federal tax benefits. These exclusive wise-minded plans are for a better future for all life on Earth, not just humans (ecocentric). With a better educated and wiser culture, we can ween ourselves off governments which will allow for more freedom, less surveillance and less taxes.


Eric Talaska visited most NASA facilities
Eric Talaska U.S. Supreme Court
Eric Talaska & Michio Kaku on Earth Day Book Signing


This is an exploration for the 2024 and beyond U.S. presidencies with ANY PARTY, but until "ranked choice voting" is allowed, I could only win as a Democrat or Republican. I lean more Democratic, but also have strong Republican traits - attracting voters from both sides. I am a moderate with a mix of all parties. The more you get to know me by exploring this informative and appealing website (no ads or popups), the more you will see me and my platform makes the most sense for the betterment of all. Although a long shot, I'm not a no shot. I have lots of advantages such as an awesome and improving platform, high intelligence, great communication skills, diverse experience and education, the ability to travel anywhere at any time, novelty traits, no adverse record and no family distractions. I am available for meeting, interview in person or online and to give speeches anywhere. Contact me.


Upon attending televised debates, I will stand out the most because I will rephrase moderator questions in a way most voters can understand, then answer in plain, simple ways without wasting time, double-talking or playing other political games. My goal is to make sure the voters understand both the question I'm being asked and how the answer relates to them and their future. This will all result in the voters realizing I'm more like them, best fit to represent them and motivate them to vote for me, someone they understand.


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Green Economy not Greed Economy


Recycle for the Planet
Green Jobs
Green Eco Concept


There is evidence we can achieve a greener and ethical economy all the while raising our standard of living: There are at least 10 countries with greener economies, higher standards of living and better healthcare than the United States:



1. Switzerland

2. Sweden

3. Iceland

4. Finland

5. Norway


  6. Denmark

  7. Netherlands

  8. Estonia

  9. Germany

10. New Zealand


Summary Sentence

I know what needs to be done, what needs to be done isn't being done and I have the skills to get what needs to be done... done.


Summary List

  • The sixth mass extinction and climate crisis is caused by human activities.

  • Humans / leaders are failing to implement solutions to avert the main environmental crisis.

  • The main thing the world needs is environmental sustainability. This can be achieved with ethical capitalism and ethical leadership.

  • I have the skills to take assertive action to best avert the eco crisis if given the opportunity which leads to the best interest of all sentient life.


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