Unsolved Mysteries
Leo Talaska, Sr.
Leo was a still photographer in the Air Force. Did he ever take any classified photos?Did he know he had an aneurysm near his heart? His son, Lee, as estate administrator, refused to allow the release of Leo's medical records upon many requests. Leo was planning to get married soon, so that's an indication he didn't know. Leo said to Eric only a few days before passing "Before I die, I want to see you get along with your brother". Sadly, Eric's response was "I'm sorry but Lee won't allow that to happen". This is an indication Leo did know.Did anyone commit contributory death by lying to Leo that his medication could be or is poisoned, resulting in Leo not taking his high blood pressure, etc. medication?
What was the reason Leo rarely communicated with his brother, Frankie? Lee seems to have some secret knowledge.
Erika Lina Erler - Talaska / Erler Ancestry
Was Rudolf Erler killed in action or captured? If captured, what did the Russians do with him? Documentation shows KIA, but Erika spoke of how he was captured and used by the Russians. Erika said her mother claimed Rudolf as KIA in order to collect government benefits.
Scorned Woman Among the World's Most Famous Writers and Philosophers
Nobody cares and never will.
Inventor of WMD More Destructive then Nuclear Weapons, a.k.a. Lee, a.k.a. Leeboy
Regarding Leo's probate estate, what are all the blacked out portions of his attorney communications about? What did Lee's unethical attorney Corey Floyd illegally talk to dishonorable Judge Charles Yeargan about during "in chambers" (ex parte) meetings?