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How to Get a Service Animal
As of early 2018, There is no certification or registration required for a service animal. Some states have tried to implement such a thing, but it is illegal; therefore ignore all state laws because service animals are protected by federal (ADA Titles I and II) laws.Are any of your pets well behaved in public already? Are any young enough to be trained to be well behaved in public? If so, consider claiming it to be a service animal. There are no restrictions on breed of dog. A dog would be more accepted and easier to deal with the public than a "service snake".Best service animal (if you don't have a candidate already) is a poodle dog of any size. Poodles are intelligent / easy to train and hypoallergenic. Unfortunately, there aren't many poodles available at shelters and buying from a breeder equates to denying a home for a dog in a shelter. Therefore, if you can't find a poodle in a shelter or as a rescue, consider other breeds.
If you have an ADA disability or are a wounded veteran, some organizations offer already trained service dogs.
How to Deal with Service Animal Challenges

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