Talaska & Erler Family Sentimental Things
Erler's from Germany
Lewis Erler's bicycle metal badge marked Lewis Erler (one of oldest, most precious heirlooms) [Eric]Rudolf Erler's bicycle bell engraved "Rudolf Erler" ditto [Eric]Porcelain signs "Rudolf Erler" [Eric]Great Grandfather Goepel Mayor Certificate with prayer written by Lotte on reverse [Kiwi]Leather motorcycle goggles worn by Rudolf [Eric]Unique oval wood framed photo of Rudolf & Lotte [Eric]Gold wedding band ring marked "R. E." and small gold ring with synthetic ruby worn by Rudolf [Eric]Leather wallet signed by Lotte Erler [Eric]Watch worn by Lotte (displayed with Erika's watch) [Eric] | Other watch(s) and jewelry [ELM]Gold ring, unmarked worn by Erika's sister Doris [Eric]DDR nationalist sports patch used by Rudolf Erler [Eric]Fabrics / cloths, some custom made by Lotte [Eric, Shannon/girls, ELM?]Zither instrument played by Rudolf Erler [ELM]
Erika Erler - Talaska
Birth certificate (book), Certificate of Naturalization, Passports, Driver's License [Eric] [Lee: 1 or more other Passports]ERIKA T Arkansas license plate used on Chrysler Imperial [Eric]Diamond from 25th Wedding Anniv. gold ring; lost some sentimental value due to Leo's love affair from 2009 - 2011 [Eric]Large synthetic (but still very valuable) ruby and gold ring she rarely removed from her finger [ELM]Accordion instrument Erika Lina played [Lee]Large painting on wood tray [Kiwi]Hand crafted material Easter bunny [Eric]Metal whistle from Germany Erika kept in purse for security use [Eric]Last watch (displayed with Lotte's watch) [Eric]Crucifix [?]
Nature type jewelry and green garnet ring [Eric] | much other misc. jewelry [ELM]
Leo Talaska, Sr. & Ancestors
Unique postal envelopes made and addressed to Leo, his father & brother [Eric]Many oil paintings copied from magazine and book photos [Lee, Eric, ELM, duck hunter with dog in boat - Helen Parker of Ashdown]Lure & lure jewelry crafts [Heddon Museum in Michigan, Eric, Lee, ELM]Cut coin jewelry [Eric]Birth certificate, Arkansas driver's license, DD214 [Eric]Air Force certificate signed by President Barack Obama ordered by Eric [Eric, ELM]
Two signed by Leo federal duck stamps [Eric]
Baptismal gown worn by Clara Schindler (Leo's Aunt), Leo Talaska, Sr. and Eric [Eric]
Bible with Leo's signature [? could be in casket]
14k Gold wedding band marked inside LJ [?]
Platinum wedding ring [placed in Leo's suit pocket by Lee in casket]
Large black felt hat with many metal European travel ornaments [Lee]
Crucifix [Handed to Eric at funeral, quickly handed to ELM]
Medical diploma of Dr. Frank Talaska [Ohio Library]
Hand tied flies by Dr. Frank Talaska [Appalachian Fly Fishing Museum]
Both Leo & Erika
White ceramic religious woman in robe marked on bottom "To Leo + Erica 68' From Chuck + Karen" [Eric]Various beer mugs, glassware, dolls, etc. from Germany [ELM; Lee - kept the best, was supposed to go to ELM]
Shannon lost / in fire photo albums, eccentric Indian flint artifacts – salamander, etc. Eric gave her many photo albums and other heirlooms in 2011 and she claims she never received them.