Reasons To be Eco Friendly / Go Green
Attract higher quality employees
All businesses can benefit from adopting at least a few green business practices
Save money; receive tax credits
Attract green conscious consumers to buy your products and services
Reduce vulnerability to regulation and lawsuits
Improve public image
Moral obligation for sustainability of future generation
How to be Eco Friendly / Go Green
Upgrade to ergonomic, orthopedic chairs for associatesDon't print unnecessarily. Recycle paper, etc.Get a free energy audit from your local utility provider Install a solar water heaterCarpool; allow associates to telecommute or work longer hours, but for fewer days per weekVideoconference to avoid flying, hotels, etc.Install SmartStrips ( to biodegradable packagingOffer healthy or organic snacks or meals to associates
How Eco Neato / Eric Talaska is Eco-Friendly / Green
We promote digital media to replace print when possible and practical.
We innovate new green advocacy projects and of course this awesomely bright green business right here.
We qualify for all the legitimate eco, green and sustainability certifications, locally and nationally.
Our business model is 100% focused on eco / green product, service and information promotion services.
The founder is an avid environmentalist, qualified based on extensive and broad eco research & activism, drives a Prius or rides a bicycle, works from home (no commute & no extra building to use just for business hours), is an eco volunteer and activist, is vegan, has no children, etc.
We purchase eco friendly, sustainable and non-toxic, lowest VOC office products whenever possible.
We reduce, reuse and recycle as much as practical.
We are a bright green business that seeks to promote other green businesses as our primary goal through our products and services. The founder believes this to be the best way he can foster environmentalism.
We do not advertise in monthly or annual throw away print media such as Yellow Pages, but rather online directories as available.
Eric's Innovative Solutions and Concepts
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Eco Advocacy

Nature produces goods every year double the

gross domestic product of all countries on earth.

Live trees are worth three times as much as cut trees.


CNN's Interactive Extinction Crisis Quick Education

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