Top Life Changing Advances - Full Time Living in Vehicle
In chronological order​
Started in 2005 Honda Odyssey - July, 2015​
February, 2016 - Switched from Honda Odyssey minivan to 2007 Dodge / Mercedes Sprinter high roof vanAnytime Fitness and Planet Fitness membership for fitness, massages (PF) and showersEssential DIY campervan build (insulation, paneling, latex mattress, bed platform, lights, fans, curtains, etc.) Diesel heater that taps into existing diesel tankStainless steel sink, 25 gallon fresh water tank and dual state water filter: Eliminated need to buy drinking water / lug around five gallon jugs Solar powered air conditioner on back door and enough solar on the roof to power it most of the time it's neededInduction stove for fast, efficient cookingHigh mount windows provide privacy, better thermal and noise insulation; skylightModified extra tall campsite levels, rear door storage boxSeven zarconia rear molar crowns (full recovery nine months later / no sensitivities)WeBoost amplified cellular boosterHydraulic sit-stand desk, ergonomic mesh, padded arm rest office chair, swivel monitor base, high end laptopTesla battery module / switched from 12V to 24V, fully wall-mounted power station - significant power upgradeElectric bug zapper wand (instead of using fly swatter which is maddening) Set up grandfathered AT&T unlimited, unthrottled $30/month data plan on a sim card router, downgraded Verizon plan; no more fretting about data! Unlimited movies, programs. Network video surveillance system and "baby" monitor with temperature alert for dog safety, etc.Upgrade from 1,500W to 3,000W inverter so can cook, run air conditioner, etc. simultaneously