Dumbest Things I've Every Done
Worse Decisions
All my life: Terrible job establishing relationships, friends and an overall network of people. This is aggravated by relocating frequently which isn't a mistake, but just makes it harder.2013 - worked with my brother to sell my parent's house and then fought with him over the entire estate (should have been passive and let him do it all). I knew better than to trust him with anything big and that he would have been extremely vindictive if I disagreed with anything.From 1987 to 2015: Invested enormous time, energy and financial resources in trying to help my sister with her problems only to be thanklessly accused of ulterior motives.2004 to 2008: Invested my life into remodeling a tear-down house in Murfreesboro, Arkansas. That was a dumb place to try to set roots for an intelligent, single person.Around 1992, around age 23 - While working in a tire factory, tested new steel toe shoes by driving over the front of them while wearing them with a very heavy forklift.Around 1991, around age 21 - Installed concealed red and blue lights in my vehicle, but didn't impersonate. 
Around 1983, around age 12 - lit some kindling-type fauna on fire inside our house (I was surprised how fast it spread); I was able to put it out only because there wasn't anything else flammable nearby.