Celebrity Encounters
Unwittingly many while living in the San Rafael to Hollywood, California area from 2016 to present

Clint Eastwood
Dr. Michio Kaku,
Neale Donald Walsch
Angel Carlton
Harvey Diamond
Senator Mark Pryor's Team
​First Lady Laura Bush
Washington, D.C.
Congressman Mike Ross
Corliss Williamson, Cory Beck
Bill Clinton
Actor and Producer Jimmy "James" Townsend
Harvey's son, Beau, made me an awesome smoothie and then went upstairs to his room while I talked with Harvey. Suddenly we heard Beau scream "*uck" real loud. Harvey went upstairs to check on Beau. I wasn't told what was wrong. Later I found out Beau was charged with Ponzie scheme fraud in the amount of around $23,000,000 and sent to prison.