High Profile Traveling Hero Service & Therapy Dog Tippy

Teamed with Eric Talaska

Leaning Service Dog

Services / Tasks of Tippy    

  • *PTSD alert and interruption. Anger management.

  • *Helps release serotonin and lower blood pressure to relieve anxiety, depression, mood swings, stress, fear, etc.

  • *Sleep comfort and nightmare recovery.

  • *Sense of safety and security; searches to reduce hyper-vigilance.

  • Companionship to relieve loneliness.

  • Socialization with other people and pets; therapy for them.

  • Exercise motivation - walking, hiking, jogging, playing.

Fear Relief, Lower Blood Pressure, Exercise Motivation

Socialization and "OK to Pet" Therapy for Others

PTSD Alert and Interruption

(Taps, Leans or Pushes)

Service Dog Laws

(State and Federal)


  • "Service": USA

  • "Therapy" USA

  • "Hero": USA

  • "Working": int'l

  • "Assistance": Int'l

Wisdom I Learned and Re-learn from Tippy

  • Be mindful of how anger is managed and affects others. Most things that trigger anger are minor and temporary.

  • Tippy set the most extraordinary example for will power by being very happy despite geriatric health setbacks and injuries.

  • We all have to eventually go to make room for the new.

  • Set an example for the next generations.


Tippy History and Training

  • Tippy is a Whippet-Beagle mix and the first dog to ever be called a "WhipEagle" (created by Eric).

  • Tippy was original adopted to be an outside guard dog, but wanted to be inside and on the bed. He won. While inside, I noticed he was a natural with learning new tricks with ease. Tippy loved working even if no treat reward.

  • Soon after I adopted Tippy, I attempted to run my own computer store in Murfreesboro, Arkansas where Tippy frequently greeted the public. He was really great at this too. My business failed due to my PTSD symptoms though.

  • Tippy has served exceptionally well in hundreds of public locations throughout the Lower 48 states and southern Canada. He has gained access inside many places normally forbidden for dogs such as zoos, lighthouses, federal buildings, post offices, schools, etc. He is so well behaved he does very well with retractable leashes, often referred to as "Flexi" leashes. Tippy is afraid of loud noises which is usually a disqualification for service dogs except in the case of PTSD service, he pulls me away from loud noises.


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