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Due to workplace and life traumas, I volunteer here as a self-directed environmental advocate.

The main thing the world needs is sustainability and a cleaner environment.

I live full-time in a 20' Innovative Campervan with a solar charged Tesla battery.

I have no family or significant other left.

I travel full time as a distraction and because I become hyper-sensitive to a single environment and neighbors.


I'm experimenting with the possibility of running for public office albeit extremely unorthodox. I an not adaptable in traditional workplaces. This should work if I can be self-directed enough. I manage what I am in charge of exceptionally well if given the opportunity without a boss to haze and have control over me. My service-connected PTSD traits that don't fit into a traditional workplace but should in public office include: The ability to see things others don't see at first, hyper-alertness, hyper-assertiveness (don't tolerate BS), etc.


Political Beliefs: State and/or Federal

  • Enact some of or parts similar to the Green New Deal. Offer cabinet positions for those listed below.

  • Enact "Ranked Choice Voting" via American Anti-Corruption Act for as many elections as possible.

  • Environmental science and sustainability education will be a required curriculum for grade school (details pending).

  • Free online degree programs for green careers.

  • Lower the voting age to 13 (except school drop-outs and those in reform schools). The logic is age does not necessarily determine maturity or qualifications.

  • Overpopulation solutions: Education. Sterilize the worse 20% offenders in prison.

  • Abortion rights should be granted to all women of any age or status.

  • The inhumane treatment of factory farmed animals should be eliminated and, after a two year warning, punishment for animal cruelty should match that of human cruelty.

  • An ethics committee should file a report regarding how gunfire in the wild terrorizes wildlife and pollutes. Firearms and ammunition should be more heavily taxed with proceeds to this education as well as education on alternative self defense options.

  • The military should be reduced by at least 80% and the money saved put towards international relations and better communications. This will also free up much land and buildings for educational establishments, etc.

  • Fuel prices should be substantially taxed more with most tax money to fund projects to help neutralize the environmental damaged from burning the fuel.

  • Require businesses to eliminate as much physical mail as possible in favor of electronic. There will no longer be a requirement for any business or government entity to send anything by physical mail. This is especially regarding banks.

  • No student loan debt forgiveness.

  • No UBI / Universal Basic Income. The closest to that should be as follows:

  • $1,000 per year voucher for everyone 18 and up for exercise equipment, gym memberships, yoga, natural nutrition counseling.

  • The government should have a department that offers free training to business managers to teach them how to respect their employees to such a degree as make almost all jobs fun and desirable in order to cut out welfare and disability by those who dread workplace bosses. Participating businesses receive tax benefits.

  • Aggressive fines against spammers / businesses that capture email address and sends newsletters without permission.

  • Discouragement of odd pricing, particularly regarding tangible, manufactured items because it is designed to trick others into buying.

  • Discouragement of advertising tangible, manufactured items since such ad's purpose is too often to get people to buy more than they need in a misleading manner.


Political Beliefs: Federal

  • More research on GMOs is needed in order to possibly ban them.50% of all armed forces budget should go towards ambassadors with excellent communications skills, particularly digital, to communicate with foreign diplomats to work toward peace and environmental agendas.

  • The standard / SAE measurement system should be replaced with the metric system ASAP. For example, fractional tools would be replaced with millimeter tools, miles will be replaced with kilometers and Fahrenheit to be replaced with Celsius. This will prevent trillions of dollars in errors and wasted, unnecessary tools starting within the fifth year.

  • The right / freedom of free speech should be honored to include the burning of any flag.

  • There should no longer be a single president to make essential decisions, but rather a panel of three with the other two chosen by the president, whereby the essential decisions would be made based on a two out of three vote.In order for the human race to survive indefinitely, it may be necessary to interfere with breeding and/or genetics to prevent people from being born who would exhibit disadvantageous mental behaviors such as to be destructive in nature. This is not a statement in favor of this action, but rather the belief a scientific, medical and ethics task force should be assembled to look into it.


Personal Beliefs

  • Humans are not superior to any other organism and act as a virus so long as they, as a whole, degrade the Earth's ecosystem.

  • Humans are causing the 6th mass extinction.

  • An environmental task force of scientists should be assembled.

  • The Holy Bible, Koran, etc. were all created and edited by men. There is no true (factual) religion. This doesn't dismiss the possibility of a God or supernatural, however. This also does not dismiss Jesus having ever existed. People should be granted religious freedom so long as it doesn't harm other life.


People Favor for Collaboration and Consulting

  • Jill Stein, Green Party Spokesperson

  • Ms. Margola (Seattle, WA)

  • Greta Thunburg (Sweden)

  • Billy Nye, Scientist

  • Neal DeGrasse Tyson, Scientist

  • Michio Kaku, Scientist (I met in 2011)


Proposed Campaign Mottos

  • Later is too Late

  • Truth and Reason

  • Act on Facts

  • Don't be a Fossil Fool

  • Care

  • For all Species


Summary of Unique Qualifications (Most Extremely Unique and Beneficial)

  • Not brainwashed into false ideologies or influenced by man-made bibles and other fictional stories.

  • Hyper attention to detail, responsible, accurate, seeker of truth.

  • U.S. Army veteran of Cold War IAchieved Top Secret and other Security Clearances via the National Security Agency.

  • Access to all U.S. military installations. Limited inside knowledge of sensitive operations of many bases.

  • A collaborative member several protective federal agencies, particularly the FBI since 2012.

  • No affiliation with any organization except the FBI.

  • Held 26 paid jobs of variety - understand a very wide range of professions and economies.

  • Invented a product, successfully wrote and prosecuted a patent independently (pro se).

  • Nomad living in small motorhome since 2015. Created innovative features such as solar powered air conditioner.

  • Traveled extensively in all states except Hawaii; understands and relates to nearly all unique cultures in the United States.

  • Toured / studied hundreds of museums and cultural entities across the country.

  • Traveled abroad to include Mexico, Canada, Belgium and Germany.

  • Read extensive library of non-fiction books.

  • Extensive scientific knowledge of environmental science and climate change.

  • Extensive knowledge of natural health and healthy living.

  • Excellent health; eat extremely healthy to aid in level, clear, reality thinking.

  • Avoids pop culture, cartoons, etc. to aid in level, reality thinking.

  • No family distraction: Deceased parents, no contact with relatives, no children.

  • Not afraid of public scrutiny. No significant "dirt" that will appear later on / no controversy or scam ever involved with.

  • No criminal background | 800 FICO score | No debt.

  • Never smoked or did any illicit drugs of any kind, no piercings, tattoos or other bodily mutilations.

  • Strong interest and confidence in becoming high ranking leader since age 17. Many goals have been hindered by others, particularly by those in charge of me, to include hazing and other nefarious acts.

  • Sine I was around age 17, I read encyclopedieas because I felt like I had a major purpose in the world. I decided I wanted to be a high ranking Army officer and make huge positive differences in the world. I had a very bad feeling about capitalism at that time. In 1988 at age 19, my Army Sargent (boss) asked me what I wanted in life. I said I want to be President. I was serious. In 1995, I changed upon taking a course in Physics. I learned we need to do a lot more to protect our environment. Since then I have expressed great interest with others regarding a strong drive for environmentalism, but nobody would listen, even when I warned about a sixth mass extinction. At the time of this writing, the problem persists. Few I talk with care.


Misc. Interesting Facts

  • Never eats in restaurants except rarely for social reasons.

  • Cuts own hair for health and to save money.

  • Writes with left hand, but is ambidextrous otherwise.


Priorities for quality of life and youthfulness

1) Health (includes: health food gestromony, fitness, sound mind)

2) Wisdom (includes: Intelligence, spirituality choice)

3) Achievements 

4) Social (includes: Career)

5) Fun (includes: Career, location)

6) Wealth (includes assets)


Major Dislikes

  • Commercials, advertisements, telemarketers, high pressure sales, junk mail and spam

  • Anything that is animated, moves or slides on websites with no way to stop it, especially ads

  • Smoke / pollution, Noise pollution, most R&B music

  • Un-ergonomic chairs; squeaky chairs

  • Parking blocks because they are a trip hazard and environmental waste

  • Church Activities & Church Construction

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