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Photo: Eric Talaska at the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon Trail, Oregon.
In modern polish "Ta Laska" means "that hot girl"
?"Ta £aska" means "that good will"
Ancestry DNA Estimate - Eric Talaska
Ancestry DNA Ethnicity Estimate for Eric C. Talaska Europe Map
Europe East   57%   r
ange: 46%-69%
Great Britain   19%
Europe West  15%
Trace Regions 9%
How Eric Talaska compares to the typical person native to the Europe East region:
Genetic Diversity in the Europe East Region
Population History - Early Population Origins
Post Roman Empire
Europe East Today
Family Traditions
Crab legs, T-bone steaksCamping in a junky Skamper with chronic mosquito problems at Millwood Lake SP, ArkansasSwimming at Beard's Bluff, Millwood Lake, Ark.; diving for real Indian pottery there (with alligator dangers); searching for area arrowheadsPlaying Monopoly, chess and (obnoxiously) Yahtzee!
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